Kelly Osbourne Misquoted In Fat Drugs Quote

Kelly Osbourne has shed a lot of weight since appearing on “Dancing With The Stars” and she’s dealt with a lot of demons. Most recently, the singer called out “Heat World” magazine, along with “Fox News” for her supposed fat comments.

Kelly Osbourne Misquoted In Fat Drugs Quote

“Heat World” said:

Kelly Osbourne: “Being fat is worse than being a drug addict”

There’s no denying that Kelly Osbourne’s figure looks ruddy fantastic at the moment, but it’s taken her years of yo-yo dieting to reach a happy place with her body. The star says she got more grief for being “fat” than anything else in her life. “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict,” she admits. “I will never understand that.” Kel says that a teenage (we’re guessing very jealous) girl once shouted “You’re fat!” at her from a passing car. “I went to my parents bawling,” Kelly remembers. “I would rather be called ugly than be called fat!” She credits her enviable current figure as being the result of “regular exercise and a portion-controlled diet”. Can you send us a copy of this diet and exercise plan please, Kel?

Just recently, after she called them out on her Twitter, the publication changed the title of their post to “Kelly Osbourne reveals some SHOCKING truths”, but the URL remains the same.

Kelly said earlier:

Shame on you @heatworld “Being fat is worse than being a drug addict” i never said that do you realize what kind of message that sends? Young easily influenced girls read @heatword they need to think before they write something like that its really careless and irresponsible!

It was a ridiculous statement, even worse because they misquoted. Every woman should be happy with who she is regardless of lbs. I see that @foxnews wrote and article with the same kind of quote they also should be ashamed of themselves it send such a bad message!

Please retweet my tweets to heat world so they get the message of how irresponsible they are to there readers by misquoting me! I wish i never did the cover if that is the message the media is allowing it so send. it makes me sick to think people think i said that.

source: [kelly osbourne's twitter]

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