Jennifer Hawkins Non-Airbrushed Cover Controversy


Jennifer Hawkins has dared to grace the cover of Marie Claire completely naked and un-airbrushed. Hawkins was Miss Universe in 2004 and unabashedly posed nude for the Australian branch of the mag.

She is working with the Butterfly Foundation to promote a positive body image. However, the cover isn’t receiving too much praise. Some deem her “brave” for going un-airbrushed and nude while others are pointing out the obvious….Jennifer is 26 and is a lingerie model and it’s hardly “brave” for someone with a near perfect body to go un-airbrushed.

Others say it promotes the fight against obesity. Overall, the main goal of the Butterfly Foundation is healthy body images while fighting eating disorders. The argument is that a lingerie model’s body is not an average representative of a normal woman’s body.


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MC01_JENNIFER_LAYOUT5.indd jennifer-hawkins-nude-unairbrushed-cover-3


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  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    What is normal anyway? Everyone has different body shapes and sizes. I salute her for going un-airbrushed on the cover. So what if she’s a lingerie model? It’s her job. Apart from that, and more importantly, she’s a woman. And she cares about other women. There is such a thing as health and beauty at every size. She’s healthy and beautiful in her own size. She just wants to help other women realize their own beauty.

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  • Mika

    I think this is great…:)

  • http://WC130H@yahoo.com Ken

    You go Girl, enjoy being nude its a good feeling

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  • Viewer

    People should get over trying to tell others what is right and wrong. If they don’t like there body shape, do something about it. If someone is happy in their own skin, and tastefully wants to show it, good for them. All the best to Jen and anyone else who wishes to pose. That people as they are not as they should be.

  • m

    does anyone else notice that this picture is airbrushed? just not as much as usual

  • Dan

    Look i think she should be able to do it if she
    is happy doing i don’t see the problem, Like someone said earlier if you’re not happy with you’re body do something about it.I say luck to her. You go girl