Heidi Montag Addicted to Plastic Surgery – Photo

Heidi Montag is really killing what little bit of looks that she had left, mauling her face with a reported ten more plastic surgeries in one day.

Heidi Montag Addicted to Plastic Surgery - Photo

She graces the cover of “People” magazine after just releasing her newly minted craptastic album, “Superficial” just yesterday.

And she says she’s broke? It’s probably all of the money she’s put into morphing her face into something less horsey.

Now let’s hope that this means that she’ll finally go away already. If she’s trying to recoup some of the funds that she put into the album, then she’ll be SOL. We can dream, right?

source: Heidi Montag or Barbie with a circulatory system? – [the superficial]

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