Russell Brand & Katy Perry Engaged?

According to sources, Russell Brand has gotten down on one knee and has proposed to girlfriend Katy Perry. Gag.

Russell Brand & Katy Perry Engaged?

During her visit to the U.K., a smitten Rusty asked for her hand in marriage. A source said, “They don’t know when the wedding will be but they are planning to make it in 2010 if the schedules can work.”

Katy spent some time with Russell before heading back to the States to spend Christmas with her family. Rumor has it that the British comedian has already bought a house in L.A., after putting his bachelor pad on the market.

He’s in the process of seeking out the perfect ring for their impending nuptials. Gross. I hope these two don’t become the next Speidi with all of their slobbering all over each other.

source: Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s secret Christmas engagement – [ok magazine]

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  • Bob

    I’m sorry, but LOL!!! I bet those big time celebrity divorce lawyers are already salivating BIG TIME over this one. How utterly insane must a woman be to think that this philanderer can commit to a few months worth of monogamy, let alone a lifetime?! And putting aside his unbelievably sordid past for a moment (look up his “personal life” on his wiki page!), he was on Stern in March 09 promoting his “Booky Wook” and halfway through he let it slip that he’s something of a nontheist. Yeah, a nontheist marrying a girl with a Jesus tatt on her wrist… Sure, that’ll work… NOT! Her minister parents will probably disown her over this. Katy, you’re funny and beautiful. But DAMN girl, you are HELLA STUPID when it comes to men (your previous guy wasn’t much better).

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  • http://allwomenstalk.com All Women Stalker

    Oh, come on you guys. Let them be happy. No matter how they want to achieve that. We all know Hollywood marriages don’t count as the real thing. Except for a special few.

  • CEE

    This is doomed. From the start. He’s just seeking for a key to settle down in Hollywood and have a better career. He won’t ever be faithful. She is as dumb as she is talentless in singing. Two big boobs and zero brain if she can’t see what she’s buying. But then again I don’t think she wants something real either. It’s just temporary lust. Divorce coming. Hopefully no babies. Think at some sprouts with her talent ??? And brain ???? And with his hideous look. Ewww.