Marilyn Monroe – The Pothead? (Video)

In a soundless home movie that was made fifty years ago, it appears that Marilyn Monroe had been toking on some cheeba.

Marilyn Monroe - The Pothead? (Video)

It shows that she was passed the rolled up cigarette/joint from someone next to her and then she takes a huge puff.

The footage is old and grainy and shows someone passing her the ganga and then she passes it on to the woman next to her. At least I think that’s a woman, but don’t quote me on that.

Check it out:

It’s not unusual for someone from that era to be smoking a joint, so it’s all good. Besides that, this woman had more class then than all of our Kardashians, Lohans, and Hiltons do combined.

source: Marilyn Monroe Smoking Marijuana (Allegedly) In Home Movie (VIDEO) – [huffington post]

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amanda | January 6th, 2010

i googled images of marilyn monroe and thought why does she look stoned in almost every picture..sure nuff..pothead