Emma Watson Nip Slip – Photo

Emma Watson was hanging out on the beach with her boyfriend Jay Barrymore when someone just realized that her boobs weren’t big enough for her bikini top.

Emma Watson Nip Slip - Photo

Apparently something came squeaking out and I feel wretched for having to stare at this photo to even see what the fuss is about.

Her left nipple crept out and said hi. She’s all grown up now and the paparazzi are allowed to take these kinds of pictures of her, but still, doesn’t seem wrong?

I think it should be illegal if the actress still has the body of a 14-year-old. Don’t you?

After the jump for the uncensored version!

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Kindle Forum | December 7th, 2009

I’m not sure what’s worse, the photographer that took the photo, or you putting the uncensored version on your website.

For arguements sake of course. ;)


Allie | December 7th, 2009

@ Rich, it wouldn’t be there if she wasn’t 19.

srinu | December 8th, 2009

i love you emma watson

All Women Stalker | December 8th, 2009

It does seem wrong because she does have a body of a 14-year-old girl. I can’t see her as a 19 year old.


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Ethan | December 9th, 2009

She’s kinda flat. No offense, but it’s like seeing a 12 yr old in a swim suit.

[...] I think it should be illegal if the actress still has the body of a 14-year-old. Don’t you? source. Leave a Comment No Comments Yet so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on this post. [...]

Jessy | December 14th, 2009

okay, let me make this a bit clear…everyone has their opinion on what looks good, some people like big boobs big ass, yeah but not everyone, so you are saying it should be illegal just because in your opinion she doesnt look mature enough. The person who posted this article, i think you are someone who i would never want to be, i dont know what the fuss is about its barely visible, why are you being so critical!!!

Delgamo | December 16th, 2009

Sorry, that left nipple was photoshopped in. Look at the camera angle. Her bikini bottoms are horizontal from hip to hip. same w/ shoulders and where the straps meet the cups on her top. This would place right nipple way too high with respect to body symmetry, unless camera angle was high, which it obviously isn’t – it’s head on zero degrees maybe even slightly low. Nip’s too high. Fake imo.

Anonymous | December 30th, 2009

why would somebody do this its just wrong its not like she showed it on purpose.Why would you post that.

Anonymous | January 28th, 2010

because shes hot and the paparazzi are vultures. any more questions about celberity gossip and how it works?

Anonymous | January 28th, 2010

and you can barley see it when its completly blown up. so stop being pussies. shes sexy as hell and shes almost 20

Emma Watson Life | March 18th, 2010

I like her more in dress :)

David | May 5th, 2010

It is in my opinion that the only reason some find this offensive is either A they are a woman and am ashamed they can’t have a body like hers or B are a man who wishes they could get with a woman who doesn’t gorge herself into the fatasses you see in America!

Emmet Watson | May 24th, 2010

“I think it should be illegal if the actress still has the body of a 14-year-old. Don’t you?”

You think what you’re doing should be illegal? OK. You’re either a Discordian, someone who can’t handle life outside of prison, or mad.

Harry | June 25th, 2010

Her boobs are not useful for her boyfriend

Jolene | August 25th, 2010

Emma has really small A-cup titties

escorts executive | August 25th, 2010

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divyashree | October 9th, 2010

emma why ever did you become an actress you could have become a wamp