Levi Johnston Divas Out on an Airplane


Someone seems to be getting a little too big for their britches — er, or lack thereof. Playgirls latest “It” boy, Levi Johnston, reportedly tried to act more like an A-Class movie star than a media-whore-turned-nudie-model Tuesday at JFK airport. He refused to stand in line with the ‘regular folks’ that included “Seinfeld’s” sidekick, Jason Alexander. He threw a fit until he was let on V.I.P style.

A spy on his American Airlines flight told Page Six: “After he made a big show of getting on first. He was seated in the front row of first class, looking like he was born to be there and waiting for some recognition. Jason Alexander was quietly sitting behind him.”

Dear Levi… You’re not half as important as you think. Kudos to Alexander for not slapping the Z-list outta him. He probably rolled his eyes and muttered something about being an amateur Michael Lohan. All that moose meat must be psychedelic because this bitch thinks he is Mariah.

Update: In case you missed it, our boy Levi is not giving us the goodies in “Playgirl”, and has decided to give us a glimpse of his package. Here’s a video that the magazine released showing him playing with some skates, instead:

I feel jipped.

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