Women of Hollywood Elle Magazine Covers

Women of Hollywood Elle Magazine Covers

Elle Magazine picked 5 Hollywood Women who they felt represented the industry’s leading ladies. Several of the mag’s picks my surprise you.

Emily Blunt – I consider her one of the more underrated actresses of our time. This red headed vixen was once the girlfriend of Michael Buble (someone get me a wet nap) and has around 26 films under her belt. Most might recognize her from “The Devil Wears Prada” or “The Young Victoria.”

Julianne Moore – Here is another underrated beauty. Her performance in “Boogie Nights” was the only reason to watch the movie. Moore’s resume boasts just over 61 film and tv projects. She also managed to make the change from soap operas to film.

Renee Zellweger – She is always full of surprises. I am on the fence with her. I love some of her work, but her sense of entitlement stalls my respect. When I first heard the uber-thin Zellweger was going to portray my beloved Bridget Jones, I was among the masses who cried out in horror of the casting. Funny enough, she pulled it off quite well. The next film installment of the Helen Fielding creation will be her 39th time in front of the camera.

Zoe Saldana – She is one of the newbies to the A-list scene. Zoe made her start on “Law and Order” in 1999 and is now landing in movies like “Star Trek” and the upcoming “Avatar.”

Katie Holmes – Here is your WTF contestant. Did she get in on a bonus round? She seems like a sweet girl from Ohio, but when she isn’t sporting sores on her lip she is looking as though she hasn’t slept in a few weeks. The highlights from her career read like the beginning synopsis of a fallen child star. The biggest accreditations she has are “Dawson’s Creek” and her short lived role as Rachel Dawes in the Batman saga.

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