Michael Lohan To Detox Lindsay Himself?

Michael Lohan is gearing up to take action to help his daughter Lindsay get the help that she so desperately needs. So much, that he says he’s calling out her dealer and that he’ll kidnap her and detox her, himself.

Michael Lohan To Detox Lindsay Himself?

He posted the above photo of Lindsay from her court appearance Friday afternoon. Michael also called out fashion designer Patrick Aufdenkamp on Twitter, saying that he’s contributing to Lindsay’s behavior:

He said:

@pAufdenkamp you are putting both my daughters in great danger! you deserve to be in JAIL! keep in mind that God has a plan for everyone

Patrick took the time to respond in a series of tweets:

Michael Lohan To Detox Lindsay Himself?

Meanwhile, Lindsay is studying up for her alcohol education classes after hanging out “not drinking” at Teddy’s.

Michael Lohan To Detox Lindsay Himself?

Michael said that he would do whatever it takes to get Lindsay clean. In another tweet, he said:

even if I have to kidnap her myself & take her to an undisclosed location to keep her safe, then so be it!

Someone needs to pull a Jamie Spears on this girl before she goes off the deep end. It’s a shame, too, that Michael and Lindsay can’t have a normal adult conversation without involving the media in some way.

source: [michael lohan's twitter]

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