Leona Lewis Won’t Kiss Chase Crawford

The more I hear about Leona Lewis, the more I don’t like her. She is fast equating herself to Mariah Carey and we all know how Mimi makes me want to kick puppies. (She ruined Hello Kitty forever!)

Leona Lewis – I Will Be (Official Music Video)The best bloopers are a click away

Leona is on the same diva path. While shooting her video for “I Will Be” she refused to kiss Chace Crawford. Why? He is “too pretty” and she felt that would be “unfaithful” to her boyfriend, Lou.

“They wanted me and Chace to kiss in the ‘I Will Be’ video. But I said no way,” she tells the U.K magazine Sugar, which goes on sale Saturday. “Sometimes I’ll look at him and be like, ‘You have really nice eyelashes, can I put mascara on them?’ He needs roughing up a bit! He’d be a really pretty girl … He’s so beautiful, I mean, look at him,” she says. “But I just don’t think of him like that. And it wouldn’t be fair to Lou to kiss other guys.”

I know that Chace is the type who would fight you to do the death for the last highlighting cap a Cindy’s Beauty Supply, but it’s called acting babes.


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