‘The Hills’ Salaries Revealed!

If you’ve ever wondered how much money the “stars” of MTV’s reality show, “The Hills” are making, then wonder no more. We’ve got the dirty deets on who’s making what.

'The Hills' Salaries Revealed!

Lauren Conrad was the show’s top earner, bringing in $125,000 per episode. But that wasn’t by accident, either, she had it written into her contract that no one else on the show would rake in more dough.

Audrina Patridge, Lauren Bosworth, and Heidi Montag are all tied for second place in the earnings game, making $100,000 per episode. Heidi’s other half, Spencer Pratt, brings in much less, earning $65,000 per show.

The show’s new addition, Kristin Cavallari, who took LC’s place, is making $90,000 per show, which probably has to tick off Spencer, since he’s been on the show longer.

Brody Jenner rounded up the list with making only $45,000 per episode.

All of that doesn’t even include endorsement deals, book deals, fashion lines, and appearance fees.

Are they worth your one, two, or even three year salary just for one show? MTV seems to think so.

Update: Stephanie Pratt is pretty miffed about how much Kristin Cavallari makes on the show. According to Hollyscoop, she said, “I’ve been on the show for 2 years. My therapist is $250 and I make a small percentage of that.

Jokingly Pratt grabbed a stack of folded shirt and threw them on the ground. “If that is true…there is going to be more clothes thrown,” she added.

“I thought it was $63K?” Pratt asked. “I love you MTV. Thank you. Thank you for giving Kristin 90k and for…I can’t say any more,” she said, clearly frustrated with the situation.

source: [the daily beast]

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