Kanye West’s Taylor Swift Interruption Planned?

It’s been a little bit of a rumor since Kanye West snapped up the mic from Taylor Swift, that she was in on it. Just like Eminem was in on the whole Sacha Baron Cohen butt-in-the-face mess.

Kanye West Taylor Swift Interruption Planned

It was also said that this entire exchange was arranged at the request of Jay-Z. MTV execs reportedly asked Hov to perform at the awards show, and he said that he would do it if his lady, Beyonce, was made to look really good and was given a performance of her own. Enter Kanye West:

A Jay-Z staffer said this:

This was all a huge publicity stunt set up by Jay-Z. MTV wanted him to perform at the end of the show and he said on one condition – they gave Beyonce a performance and made her look good. And so, the whole Taylor Swift fiasco was born. Jay called up Kanye and asked him to do it for him because Kanye doesn’t mind being seen as a jackass and it’d be believable if he did it. So when Beyonce let Taylor finish her speech instead of making her own speech, everyone thought “Wow, Beyonce really is a class act!” and Jay-Z finished off the show with his performance.

It’s old hat by now, but we’ve done a little digging on IMDB Pro and found some pretty nifty stuff.

Interestingly enough, both Kanye West and T-Swizzle share the same talent agent. Coincidence?

Case in point, Taylor’s IMDB Pro page:

Kanye West Taylor Swift Interruption Planned

And here’s Kanye’s page:

Kanye West Taylor Swift Interruption Planned

Is it a conspiracy to generate publicity and get everyone talking about how sweet Taylor is, how much of a “Jackass” Kanye is, and getting everyone to get all warm and fuzzy over Beyonce?

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