The 2009 Teen Choice Awards – Photos & Winners List

The 2009 Teen Choice Awards were taped tonight at 8pm and we’ve got all of the winners here along with a gazillion photos.

If you’re a fan of Hannah Montana, Gossip Girl, or the Jonas Brothers, then you should be a happy camper tonight, or surfer, even.

The show will air Monday night on Fox at 8pm EST. Check it out!

Britney Spears

I’m not sure what was up with Vanessa Hudgens’ dress, it looked a bit off to me, but Ashley Tisdale’s dress was cute. And it looked to me like Audrina Patridge’s feet were crammed into her shoes. Poor thing, fire your stylist!

Brenda Song looked really cute, but Fergie looked out of place with that space aged bracelet/whatever on her wrist. Who the eff invited Kat Von D?

“Twilight” didn’t suck. The adolescent vampire drama dominated the ceremony with 11 wins, including choice movie drama, romance, liplock, rumble and soundtrack. Kristen Stewart won the movie drama actress category while Robert Pattinson picked up two surfboard-shaped trophies — one for movie drama actor, another for male hottie.

And why is Miley Cyrus’ nine-year-old sister, Noah, dancing on a stripper pole at a Teen Choice Awards pre-party?

The winners list is after the jump below!

[Click thumbnails for a larger view]

Chace Crawford Leighton Meester Jordana Brewster

Selena Gomez Kim Kardashian Kat Von D

Miranda Cosgrove Shawn Johnson JoJo

Jordin Sparks Taylor Lautner Nikki Reed

Hayden Panettiere Kristen Bell Miley Cyrus

Emma Roberts Aly & AJ Michalka Kristen Stewart

Kellan Lutz, Robert Pattinson & Jackson Rathbone Vanessa Hudgens & Megan Fox Ashley Tisdale

Amanda Bynes Audrina Patridge Brenda Song

The Jonas Brothers Zac Efron

The rest of the winners are after the jump!

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  • LCT

    Congratulations David Archuleta! It’s great to see a gifted and talented singer win AND an individual who is grounded and true to who he is!

  • http://jesse-m-russia.ucoz.ru/ LonerGirl

    Awful! Jesse hasn’t won!

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  • http://www.celebla.com/2009/08/10/kristen-stewart-´s-teen-choice-dress-hideous/ Chair

    Kristen stewart looked like an idiot, but Rpattz & Taylor LLautner looked hot& hunky!

  • nat

    i’m so glad jason mraz won.
    he deserves is SOOOOS ososososoos much.
    i love him.

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  • http://forsakenorder.com/ Alizee

    The Twilight crew scored so high again…
    I just don’t get why these awards are offered this late… they’re done filming for New Moon already!
    @Chair: Kristen Stewart looked the part she’s playing at the moment :))

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  • http://www.myspace.com/liveyourlifefoeva Elizabeth

    of course twilight won

  • http://aol taleah

    im just happy selena and demi won. Go head demi and selena. im so proud. you guys rock.

  • whatdoiknowanyway

    Really??? Seriously???! Who does Disney think they’re kidding. Even though iCarly is, hands down, THE most popular kids show on TV, not one award went to them?! Who in their right 13-19 year old mind, would pick Emily Osment over Jennette McCurdy or Hannah Montana over iCarly? I just wonder how much Disney paid for that farce? Whatever Disney… get a good show and then maybe we would believe you won fair and square. And why was 16 year old Miley Cyrus dancing half-clad on a stripper pole… even more so, why was her 9 yr old sis doing the same at a party? Wow, those Cyrus parents seem to really enjoy Miley’s semi-exhibitionism too, beings they were the only ones giving Miley a standing ovation after her crappy trailer-trash song. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a little teenage sexuality, but maybe the Cyrus’ should wait a couple of years before letting their daughter wear dresses down to her bellybutton or pole dance on top of trailers. At least maybe not on national TV. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me but I’d probably rethink the age of her next boyfriend, as well.

  • http://www.hotmail.com crazywhitegirl

    whatdoiknowanyway, you are SO RIGHT! everyone is saying ‘oh it’s just for publicity, it got our attention,’ but the reality is Miley Cyrus acted like a slut out there.

  • VB

    Go, David Archuleta! That is all.

  • dee

    yeah i`m a big twilight fan and i think kristen is beautiful but that haircut looks like crap. and she always looks like she couldnt care less and like she would love to just say fuck you and go home.