Susan Boyle Goes Glam for Harper’s Bazaar

When Susan Boyle stepped on the “Britain’s Got Talent” stage, she awed the world with her pitch-perfect rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream,” moving the judges and the audience to tears and a standing ovation. Since then, she’s experienced the highs and lows that come with instant fame, and now, in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar, she is seen as never before: stylish, sophisticated and elegant in her first major magazine interview and photo shoot.

Susan Boyle Goes Glam for Harper's Bazaar

In the spread, Boyle offers an inside look at her still-unfolding success story and goes glam with red-carpet-worthy hair and makeup. She shines in looks that include a plum Michael Kors dress, a J.Crew statement necklace and studded black Giuseppe Zanotti pumps.

Susan Boyle Goes Glam for Harper's Bazaar - Photo - 2

On finding salvation through singing:

“As a kid, I was in my own wee world when I listened to records in my bedroom,” she says. “I didn’t mix with other kids much. I was frightened of people because of their reactions toward me.” / “It’s complicated,” she says quietly. “But the best way I could express myself was in the bedroom, singing along and imagining I was entertaining people.”

On becoming an overnight YouTube sensation:

“YouTube? What’s that? A tube of candy? I don’t think so!” She laughs. “That was a shock. The YouTube thing was like a demolition ball. It was just overwhelming—to find TV stations camped outside your door and the phone ringing 24 hours a day. It was good. But overwhelming. It was too big for anyone to handle.”

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