Lady Gaga’s Gender Scandal

Is Lady Gaga a man?

That’s at the forefront of debate being squabbled out in the British press today.

It’s after an appearance at this years GLASTONBURY festival ended up on You Tube that showed the ‘Poker Face’ one displaying a little more than a lady might posses under her skirt.

Her agents have of course been quick to deny – hoping to quash the rumours that she in fact, yes, a man…

…Maybe they protest too much? An on-the-defensive reaction does little than cause more speculation.

Can I take bets please?

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  • http://dgffd dfg

    oh my god lady gaga is gay how could you say that when he/she doesnt have penis

  • amiel


  • http://Website Anonymous

    hey she is a girl,,,,,,you are making a scandal to her you freak

  • http://Website aran

    ohh,thats comment of a jealous person you know

  • nonameperson

    is lady gaga a real girl or real boy ????

    many people say that she/he change her/him sex !!!!
    is that true ???????????????

  • http://facebook.com carmellar odolfo

    no! she’s not a man.
    In fact I saw photos during her childhood days…up to high school days… I also saw her with her sister…natalie germanotta…gaga’s real name is stefanie germanotta