Lady Gaga Fakes Orgasm On Stage In Israel – Video

After it was said that Lady Gaga was toning down her act in Israel, we’ve just learned that the opposite is true.


She called her first trip to Israel “sacred and holy” and vowed to dress respectfully and tone down her show. At last night’s show in Tel Aviv, she was anything but toned down.

While on stage, she said, “Get your dicks out. Cause I heard there some pretty big cocks here in Israel.” She added, “You guys have the fucking best humus I’ve ever has in my whole life.”

She ended her antics with a fake orgasm on stage and by singing “Shalom My Friends” to the crowd.

The video:

Just when you thought she had morals, she proves you wrong, doesn’t she?

source: Lady Gaga Moans With Little Monsters [spin earth]

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  • http://Website Amy

    She supports a blood sucking, baby killing, selfish society that is; Israel. And she called them monsters, yes, indeed that is what they are and what the fake once jersey shore fried fatty bitch was. She is ignorant, fake, illiterate. This chick is so out of touch with the real world its fucking sad and absurd. Her music is mainstream shallow bullshit, she starves just to look like an ugly Israeli and she s also pretty fugly. So yes fake fake fake is what lady gaga is! She is always talking about “No War, I love peace, I am a peaceful person” yet, she is screaming and faking orgasms on stage in Israel while the IDF is killing and burning innocent Palestinian lives. She is going to lose a big amount of fans around the world that are against the MURDER thats going on in the occupied Palestinian territories. I really, really regret ever listening to Lady gaga at one point. But not like I didn’t get sick of her overplayed, fake bullshit in like a week. OK, I’m done. PS: Reconsider supporting a child killer supporter, who either way is very fake and shallow, just like the rest of the mainstream world. Lady GaGa; maybe you should go back to getting fake tans and looking like a chubby, uneducated jersey girl because that is who you really are. (Not that all Jersey girls are like that but Lady GaGa was and is one)

  • http://Website Rachel

    Amy, how ignorant you are.
    a) Gaga is from Manhattan, and went to a prestigious Catholic high school in the Upper East Side

    b) Gaga was accepted to and attended Tisch School of the Arts, last time i checked, being accepted as one of 20 out of thousands of applicants of talented musicians didn’t make you illiterate or untalented

    c) child killer supporter? what is wrong with you where did you get this *crap.* Creating random facts from your ignorant mind doesn’t make them true, sorry.

    d) Because she is performing a concert in Israel makes her a supporter of the goings-on in Palestine??

    e) You can now judge and hate every artist to walk this earth who has done something out of the box or provocative. She is simply expressing herself and her art. Madonna had a freaking bed that she masturbated on during her Blonde Ambition tour.

    -Do your homework before you judge someone as talented, kind, and beautiful as Gaga.

  • http://Website Thomas K

    What does everything you said tell me? I mean yes she is from NY and yes she went to music school and is catholic but does that make her not fake and a photo copy of all the rising 80′s stars? NO. Also, what you pointed out has nothing to do with the fact that she is an airhead. The damn lady thouht hummus was a jewish food!!!@ WTF?>????? shes weird man, and comin from a guy I really get freaked out everytime I see her, that chick is so oddamn fugly and has become such a low mainstream seller and overplayed whore that really is an embarrassment to the music scene, Now regardin the Palestinian cause as Amy said, I really don’t think lady gaga gives two damn shits about them, like reall. come on rachel give Amy a break. All you did was point out shit that we all knew yeah yeah shes from Manhatten and yes she went to Tisch School of the Arts but so did my cousin!!!!! annddd????? many others!!!! And nobody said Madonna wasn’t a whore but atleast she isn’t a photocopy of like 10 stars combined like lady fugly – no damn morals. You know whats sad though Rachel?? People like you who think she is so damn awesome and just totally hip and smart and yada – nooooooooooooo where is the world coming to???? What happened to Pink Floyd??? Now these are artists who declined to go to Israel because they DID THEIR HOMEWORK AND KNEW WHAT A MURDERING AND FACIST STATE THAT THEY ARE and went to Palestine instead because they knew who were the victims. Now Lady fugly did all for fame, money and attention… what does that say???

  • Livia G.=i

    Lady, Lady Lady…
    Sempre tao surpreendente!!!

  • its music not conflict…

    L0L 1. its sad to talk bout hte conflict when it’s all about music,
    2. israle isn’t a state like ur saying or they would be banned,
    take for example 23 people killed few weeks ago at palestinian borders remember?
    those ”palestinian” were syrian famrers who gain payed by the syrian goverment to go there ARMED they all gain 1000 usa dollars and the one who died their families gain 10.000 dollars

    sorry but stop the propaganda in this world

  • http://Website same as above…

    btw thomas k ur really talking SHIT u don’t know lady gaga or anything around her and nothing bout israel so go learn be4 talking


  • http://Website read this please

    lol hummus certainly is israeli food ,
    i cna buy it everywhere in the world for example where i live (in the netherlands)
    it says its jewish food made in israel.