Paramedics: Michael Jackson Was Dead Before Murray Called 911

The tragedy surrounding the death of Michael Jackson is shrouded in mystery, still. Dr. Conrad Murray didn’t call 911 for quite some time after learning of Michael’s condition. Paramedics on scene claimed that Michael was dead on arrival, but being that Dr. Murray was a higher authority, the EMTs had to take him to the hospital anyways.


The question that lingers in our mind now is, how long was Michael Jackson dead before anyone at all was notified? Dr. Murray had his assistants move five boxes of Michael’s medical files out of his storage room in Houston, Texas at 9:22 a.m. PST. It also seems suspect to me that the surveillance cameras at the storage facilities were broken the same day. Coincidence?

It’s awful suspect of him to have this done. That, and he wasn’t exactly cooperating with the authorities in the case.

This news just makes that OK! Magazine cover that much more gruesome to think about. They published a photo of Michael, already dead. So sickening.

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  • teena

    i thought it was pretty obvious just from listening to the 911 call that he was already dead, and that the caller had already been coached (no names, not answering any questions, etc.)

  • Anonymous

    the only reason an official date of death and time of death is required is for the actual death certificate. Can we say he died on or about June 25, 2009 and leave it there perhaps.

  • Jinxy

    The doctor made them continue to work on him and take him to the ER so he wouldn’t have to explain why he was dead. Too bad, if he was smart he could have said he was treating him for heart problems, signed the death cert, had him cremated and nobody would have been the wiser. I think he ran because he knew giving someone anesthesia at home is an automatic manslaughter/loss of med license murderous way to treat a patient. Money can buy you really good medical care or a junkie really bad medical care. I am glad MJ is dead, he’s just one dead molester in my book, but he sure picked a winner for a doctor who didn’t even have Narcan in his bag ‘o tricks, had he MJ might be alive to molest again.

    Really like the blog, but you use “anyways” there is no word “anyways” it’s a very mid-western grammar error, it’s always “anyway”. Picky but it’s annoying to read that in an otherwise good blog.

  • KC


    Being ‘glad’ that anyone is dead just shows how ignorant you really are. One day, you too will be gone and more than likely, someone will say that about you as well.

    About molestation; whether MJ did or did not is now between him and his maker.

    Please be sure that you have some clever and cutting come back, so that you’ll feel better about how small you really are.