Gwyneth spreads the detox joy

Personally, I’d rather tuck into a big bowl of pasta or a delicious ice cream sundae, but then saying that I’m not one of the most famous faces on the planet.

Actress, Gwyneth Paltrow has been spreading the ‘joys’ of her recent detox diet on her website ‘Goop.’

The Iron Man star followed a three week detox program set up for her by New York cardiologist and detoxification specialist Dr Alejandro Junger.

According to the stars website, it was too hard to shed those ‘extra pounds’ …er what extra pounds?


The blonde bombshell and wife to Cold Play’s front man, Chris Martin, attended a charity event in New York last night where she proudly showed off her svelte figure.

On her site, Gwynny says:

“This program allowed me to work and exercise regularly , something I can not do if I am on a liquid only detox.

“I followed it to the letter and I can report that it worked wonders. I feel pure and happy and much lighter.”

I bet!

Apparently Gwyn went on the program after gaining a few pounds following a month of ‘majorly fun and delicious relax and enjoy life phase’

Welcome to my world hunny, it’s great!

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