Susan Boyle’s breakdown

It’s such a shame it has come to this but Britain’s Got Talent sensation Susan Boyle has voluntarily checked herself into a clinic.

The Scottish singer who has gripped the world over the last seven weeks since her appearance on the talent show has been admitted to the PRIORY clinic in London last night amid fears over her mental health.

It follows her defeat on Saturday night’s final where she narrowly missed out of performing for the Queen by dance group Diversity. (who were outstanding it has to be said)

Susan Boyle Suffers Emotional Breakdown

Reports in the UK say that show insiders called an ambulance last night amid fears that Susan was ‘behaving strangely.’

The 48 year old who has appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show is said to have looked ‘spaced out’ and voluntarily went to the clinic for ‘exhaustion.’

It’s thought the newly found fame and media hype has been too much for her to handle and she needs time to rest and get away from the spotlight… That’s easier said than done!

Poor Sus’ – get well love!

image: [daily mail]

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  • Fantastic Singer

    They claim she was ‘acting strangely.’ Um, how could they tell? She is ALWAYS acting strangely. She’s a strange bird. Probably autistic. Definitely NOT cut out for fame — and her talent is AVERAGE. Put me up against her, and I’d blow her off the stage in a sing-off. Seriously.

  • http://non@blogspot.com hooha

    you must be delusional, “”"fantastic”"” singer.

  • Anti-Fantastic Singer

    Well aren’t you so great, “”"”"fantastic”"”"” singer. I’ll be expecting you to show up next year on the show.

  • Brooke

    Actually, I agree with Fantastic up there (well, uh, I dunno if he/she can sing or not but whatever). There are MUCH better singers out there. She’s good, but she didn’t blow people away with sheer talent. If she was decent looking, average sized girl in her ’20s nobody would have even noticed her. I appreciated her appearance on the show because people had judged her too soon, but I didn’t think she’d win. And quite frankly, it’s probably best she didn’t because if she can’t handle being famous, she shouldn’t try to be a professional singer.