Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter in Public

Apparently tonight on The Insider, photos were revealed of Kate Gosselin spanking Little Leah in public. Of course, the paparazzi was there to catch it all.

Kate Gosselin Spanks Daughter in Public

The pictures will no doubt be In Touch’s cover story next week. They even suggest that the images could be used against Kate Gosselin in their probable divorce.

Do you think it’s ok to spank a child? If so, do you think it’s an ok thing to do in public?

source: [the insider]

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  • http://www.hanateb.blogfa.com majid

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  • Nothing Here

    Time outs don’t work on some kids. AT ALL. Spanking your kid on the bum is not abuse! Smacking your kid in the face is.

  • historygrad09

    My sisters and I were all spanked as children…but only as an absolute last resort. It never did any damage to us…and we behaved not b/c we could be spanked but b/c that fact that our father would get THAT angry, we knew what we did was wrong. There’s a way to do it and not to…she could have at least done it in private. That way it more of a punishment and not out of frustration or anger. A spanking should never be a spur of the moment thing and used only when other means have run out.

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  • Anuschka

    A spank in absolute “emergency” never does any damage – or I would be in the asylum.

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  • fab

    spanking on the bottom with an open hand is not child abuse. if the child was seen screaming and crying throwing a bad temper tantrum, then people would say that Kate have no control over the child. the press need to stay out of these people personal business, give them a little privacy, they are human and want to live free sometimes..

  • Ashley

    Spanking is needed in some situations. It shouldnt be used as the all the time form of punishment. In kates defense it looks like that was somewhere private, and it just so happens that she is famous and has paps spying on her. and she is quite obviously not abusing the kids, you can tell that wasnt even a hard spank, just enough to be punishment when needed.

  • Wendy

    Leah isn’t the one that needs spanked. Maddie is! She’s a spoiled selfish brat and if she doesn’t get her own way lookout. These kids have had so much handed to them they can’t help but act out when they’re told no they can’t have it. All this tv exposure has done alot of harm to these children and Kate is only a part time mom. She’s more involved with traveling the country to talk about giving birth to 8 kids. Soon she’ll have a new topic to discuss. Her divorce LOLOLOL! Serves her right she’s such a stuck up snotty b****h that I don’t blame Jon one bit for having an affair. No man will put up with that sort of abuse from his spouse for very long without cracking. I’m surprised he hasn’t punched her in the face and knocked her teeth out after the televised embarassments she has caused him.

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  • http://contentedwifeandmother.blogspot.com CB

    Kate is crazy. I wish that show would just be pulled off the air. In these sad economic times, we don’t need to see families in sad situations—I mean, EIGHT kids are suffering and witnessing the nonsense! Bring us something on television we can smile about!

  • Stayc

    Shes a good mom and and all you people saying Jon was in the okay for cheatinf are dead wrong. she has her moments yes, but shes working her a** off with 8 kids while Jon is out partying like hes 18 again! god bless her and keep going kate your doing wounderful!

    and she smacked her once so what, stop making a big deal my lord.