Simon Cowell a secret ‘Rock star’

He’s the English music mogul whose famous for being one of the most talented music producers of our time but there’s a secret about Simon Cowell that we didn’t know…

HE’S A ROCK STAR … (at heart)

This is of course all according to his younger brother – Who you think would know right?

His bro Nicholas has revealed all during a new TV series about Simon for Channel Five called ‘Simon Cowell: where did it all go right’ which is due to air on May 20th.

Nicholas reveals how the pair were both huge fans of Status Quo and Mud saying:

“He’s got that game Guitar Hero and at night, if you go past his bedroom, you can hear it and his jumping around.”

Ha Ha how funny, this shatters all illusions I had about this Brighty boy being all reserved and sophisticated!

As Simon’s here in the UK judging on Britains Got Talent I think it’s only fair if he reveals his talents live on stage…don’t you?

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