Hugh Jackman Named His Junk ‘James Roger’

If you attended the “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” movie hoping to get a glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s junk, then we’ve got news for you, James Roger is not making an appearance. At least, not for us, anyways.

The director of the movie gave Hugh a nice little bag of the footage of his junk, which we’ll never get to see. Boo.

Hugh said: “It’s a PG-rated movie so old James Roger down there wasn’t going to be seen on the big screen.”

The actor also told how director Gavin Hood had personally handed him footage showing his willy after it was cut from the film’s final version.

Hugh, 40, revealed: “He said, ‘There you go, mate — I’ve put it in a bag.”

For more of what we didn’t get to see, click after the jump!

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