Radio Station Insults Lady Gaga

This Tampa, FL radio station conducted an interview with Lady Gaga, but instead of using an ounce of creativity to come up with fun questions or maybe try and get some information that hasn’t been regurgitated by every other media outlet in the past two months, the woman decided to pull a stunt.

She was sent a letter containing four questions to not ask Lady Gaga, including any alternate meaning to poker face, what her real name is, anything about Paris Hilton, and something about dancing. Katie Sommers decided she would spend the entire interview asking Gaga these questions, all of which Gaga politely answered.

Then, instead of accepting defeat and asking some questions that might actually benefit their listeners who are fans, they post a snobby note at the end of the video. In my opinion, this woman looks like an ass. Regardless of who you are interviewing, show some common respect. It’s not like the questions were touchy subjects, just ones that more relevant radio stations and media outlets have already asked a hundred times!

Katie Sommers, you SUCK!

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    THAT WAS MEAN .. exactly what was the point in that cept makin herself look a bitch?