Miley Cyrus Talks About Gay Rights

While the Internets are abuzz about Miss California, Carrie Prejean, and her response to the gay marriage issue, Miley Cyrus felt the need to chime in.

Maybe she wanted to get on Perez Hilton’s good side?

Recapping, here’s a video of that internet monster Perez, asking Prejean her views on same sex marriage:

Taking a step further, Perez shows his nasty side by filming this (likely in his mother’s basement – dude get a life already), bashing her for being a “dumb b*tch”:

Why do people even listen to this twit?!? Even worse, even though he has constantly hated on Miley Cyrus, calling her a “slut” and a “skank”, the two of them are now getting pretty cozy. WTF is going on?!??!?

This are Miley’s tweets about the whole thing:

Cuz they are best friends now, yo.

[Source: Gone Hollywood & Miley Cyrus' Twitter]

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    first of all
    perez asked her! how she felt about gays, she didn’t ask him!

  • Gloria

    Miley needs to read the bible before speaking, maybe she doesn’t have the time since she’s dating a 20 year old. Stupid cow in training.

    Hey Miley, most of your fans are christians you freaking idiot.

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  • Sarah

    Um… REAL Christians support LGBT rights, hate to break it to y’all. Judge not, lest ye be judged! Seperate church & state- I’d hate to have the government in my church, so I don’t want church in my government! Let every consenting adult to marry 1 person, who cares what sex they are!!! jeezzzz!!!

  • phil

    we as Christians are to love the sinner but we are not to love or even condone the sin. Miley is right in the statement of judge not, but she is far off in her understanding of it. We as Christians have not been exempt from the law of God simply because He loves us. His law is always truth and it is for that reason Christ came and died. He came to be the fulfillment of the law. He does love his creation but there will also be a judgment day for those who walk according to the desires of the flesh and not according to the desires of God. The Word of God clearly is against the homosexual lifestyle, just as he is against adultery, fornication, lying, stealing, and hate. God looks at all sin the same. This is not judgment it is the truth of God’s word; something Miley needs to stop quoting for her own agenda. God says he hates sin plain and simple. Sarah… the answer to your last statement on who cares. God cares!

  • Shawn T

    I’m glad that this country doesn’t belong to the Christians, thanks to the Constitution. I never had much use for people who think that their religion applies to those outside of their religion. Enjoy the belief structure that makes you comfortable, but please…when your beliefs start to regulate who I chose to love, it’s out of line. Thank goodness our constitution is there to keep a wall between religion and those of us who have our own moral compass to follow.

  • Chuck

    Yeah, gotta love how people selectively quote the Bible to support their anti-gay views, yet conviently ignore nearby verses prohibiting eating shellfish, wearing clothes of 2 different fibers, planting more than one crop on your farm, shaving your beard, etc…funny how the same people who call the Bible “the literal word of God” are never seen telling barbers to repent or staging pickets of Red Lobster.

  • Gloria

    What are you people talking about? God on two occasions condemns homosexuality in the bible, it never says we should hate them but it certainly doesn’t say we should except it. Have you gone so far away from the bible to believe that God doesn’t care who you love, gay love? The bible says God gave up on them, “God calls is VILE AFFECTION, for even their women did change the natural use into that which is againt nature and likewise the men also, leaving the natual use of the woman burned in the lust one towards another”. If God created a man and a woman to be fruitful and multiple, why would he except 2 men or women? That’s how it works people are turning away from God because they don’t want to be seen as not acepting everyone but it’s wrong. I don’t care what man thinks of me I only care that I am pleasing God.

  • http://Website Stephanie

    Certaintly nobody reads the bible. If they would then Carrie (Miss california) wouldn’t be dressed like that, or wouldn’t be up there to win a contest like that. Women would have to literally then, close their mouths, since women can’t think or talk if it’s not through their husbands…
    The bible itself is racist, misogynous. I’m also sure the bible itself may be the only book which constantly refutes itself.
    READ THE BIBLE. Don’t repeat it like idiots, or quote only the parts that suit your own point.

  • http://www.crossvizion.com Niya Speaks

    This comment is directed at Stephanie. I am Niya the Outspoken Word Artist, and very much a lady who loves the true and Living God. I read the Bible, everyday, I live the Word of God, everyday, and let me tell you, if you think that those of us who read the Bible have seen what you see, then you’re way off. I do agree w/ u about the style of dress and attention to pageantry, 1 Tim. 2:9; 1 Peter 3:4, however, Jesus, Himself, condemned the very things u say His Word (and that is who and what He is) promotes. Oh, btw, I’m black, the Bible does not promote racism. For God is not a respecter of person, neither Greek nor Jew, female nor male, He treats us all the same. Gal. 3:28; Romans 2:11; John 8:10-11. So, fyi, do your homework on the subjects you address lest your ignorance come forth. You would do well to listen to my song, Women located on my site. Praying you find the truth and release the offense, In jesus’ name, Amen.

  • http://Website Jin

    Although I am a spiritual person, I do not follow religion because it is a man made creation on how to live your life. It has been noted that people in biblical history have always bent and manipulated the word of God to accommodate for their own selfish needs and to take advantage of weak-minded individuals. I believe that God would want us to be smart Christians and to take into consideration the different aspects that many don’t consider when it comes to worshipping The Lord. The books of the Bible were written hundreds of years after Jesus’s lifetime by people like you and me; people who were affected by the times, like the Romans persecuting the early Christians and the Apostles writing the new testament solely for the sake of persuading the Jews into converting using more terms dealing with demons, the Devil and the end of times.

    When following a religion it’s so important to keep into account how simplistic life was 2,000 years ago and how there was no such thing as psychology, philosophy, mental illnesses or homosexuality. People would refer to such things as devilish or demonic. And since the first writings of the Bible, just imagine the hundreds of times it was translated to accommodate for those who did not speak the language, and that different words have different meanings in different languages and also to different people. To truly get a good grasp on the literature, one must travel back in time and learn the original language as well as study the people who wrote the books; because people often write about their own experiences and of things they know of. For instance, when John wrote The Revelation, he was living in Rome while the early Christians were being killed, staying in an abandoned church that was held up by 7 columns. And in his writing of The Revelation, 7 angles descend from heaven and sound 7 trumpets letting out 7 deadly plagues. It is in human nature to write about what we know of. What about the books that speak of women being second to men and that they are slaves? 2,000 years ago, things were that way but I highly doubt that this was what God had in mind for women. What if these men were not educated? What if they suffered a harsh life or were slaves? This is not even considering the alterations the Bible has undergone, being stripped away around the 1500s because the Catholic Church concluded that the books were in contradiction to the ones that were left. As Matthew wrote, should your hand or foot cause you to sin, you should cut it off; and if your eye causes you to sin, gouge it out. If we were all following The Bible word for word, we would all be walking around with missing limbs and organs. The Bible was never meant to be taken literally, but be used as a guideline for peace, unity, and the good of society. It is of utmost importance to see how these teachings apply to our lives in the 21st century, as much of it is metaphorical and has contradictions.

    Our mission is simply to love. And all religions aside, the LGBT community deserves to have all the same rights as the heterosexual community. To deny them this is pure discrimination.