Michael Jackson is on the Run!

Michael Jackson’s is being investigated for a hit and run. A pair of medics were sitting in their idle ambulance in an ally awaiting any emergencies and eating lunch outside of Cedars-Sinai Hospital. An Escalade slammed into the rescue vehicle and failed to stop.

Instead of stopping to see the damage or whether anyone was injured the SUV continued to speed to the hospital doors. Paparazzi swarmed Michael as the driver of the ambulance took photos of the damaged vehicle.

“We were hit by the Escalade, and I was taking pictures for my company insurance,” Mauro said. “About 30 seconds after, Jackson walked out of a medical building. He jumped into the Escalade and they sped off. I don’t know if Jackson told him to leave or not,” Mauro said. “But they should have stayed.”

TMZ also noted that the drivers are also claiming injuries.

“Mauro claims his head struck the driver’s side window and his partner’s head and elbow were banged up as well. Jamin says they both have stiff necks and are going to the doctor today to get checked out.”

I am guessing Michael was probably unaware of the accident. Typically when you do something naughty you don’t run and tell your boss.

[NBC Los Angeles]

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