Leona Lewis gets a pony for her birthday

It’s what every girl dreams of… getting a pony for her birthday.
And when your one of the biggest female singing sensations of the decade that dream easily becomes reality, especially if your name is LEONA LEWIS.

Friends and family of the superstar surprised Leona will this chesnut beauty to celebrate her 24th birthday (I think for my 24th I got a dvd? bite me)

But by the looks of this pic the Bleeding Love singer doesn’t look too thrilled – Maybe she was upset because she doesn’t actually own the four legged creature – they sponsored him for her birthday and my guessing is she was pretty miffed at the hollow gesture. I’m kidding of course! I’d be escatic but then saying that I don’t have enough money to actually buy one.

Leona was snapped showing her new accessory to her mum and boyfriend at an LA horse ranch last week – maybe for her 25th they can buy her lessons on how to crack a smile.

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