Candy Spelling Pleads To Meet With Daughter, Tori

Candy and Tori Spelling’s mother-daughter relationship has been through the ringer. When Aaron passed away, the two reconciled for a little bit and Candy got to meet her grandson, Liam.

Tori has said that it’s pretty much up to Candy to heal the rift between the two of them. Yesterday, Candy took to her official website to announce a plea for them to get together and make up, out of the public eye.

She hasn’t even met her granddaughter, Stella. She even put her $150 million mansion on the market, yet said that she dreamed one day of having playrooms for her grandchildren there.

She says:

Despite her mother’s pleas, Tori says, “She knows how to reach me, she knows where we live.”

[Image: Candy Spelling's Official Website / Source: Contact Music]

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