Britney Spears’ Vancouver Fans Demand a Refund

Britney Spears fans have set up a website demanding a refund for her April 8th concert in Vancouver, after the pop star walked off the stage for more than half an hour complaining of smoke.

Spears blamed “ventilation issues” brought on by smokers in the crowd for her decision to temporarily halt her glitzy comeback concert tour, Circus. The sold-out crowd of 18,000 was left to chant in the dark, repeatedly calling for Spears to reappear on stage.

The website claims some concert-goers left GM Place stadium after 20 minutes, thinking the concert had been cancelled.

An announcement was made shortly before 9 p.m. telling stunned concert-goers that “it’s become uncomfortable and unsafe for the performers, including Ms. Spears.” When the pop star did come back on stage, she proceeded with the show without offering an explanation to the crowd.

Angry fans, many of whom spent a lot of money on tickets and travel expenses to see the show, say they did not “receive due value for their investment” and want their money back.

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  • Katrina

    The wedsite for the refund has exceed the alloted bandwidth, how do you go about getting a refund for the concert? Anyone know?

  • Scott

    Boo freakin who! STFU you idiots. We had our stage malfunction and the entire Finale at the Anahiem concert was ruined and you don’t see anyone of us complaining. Dumb Canadians.

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