Leona Lewis’ £1million payout

It’s official, I am bitter.

I am one bitter and twisted individual. I don’t mean to be I really don’t but it physically hurt when I learned that Leona Lewis got paid £1million, yes £1million to sing at a birthday party!

The pop sensation who won the X-Factor (UK’s version of American Idol) in 2006 sang 7 songs to 200 guests at a private party held for the daughter of Phones4U Founder.

I feel sick.

That means she got paid £142 857,143 for each song…OMG!

Leona who was banned from performing until next year so she can concentrate on her album was on a month long holiday but made the exception for this one off show.


For £1million I would sing, dance, perform a comic sketch, strip naked, prance around the stage in weird costumes, make a complete twit of myself AND i’d do it for half the price!

Any takers?

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  • Michelle

    HaHa very funny! I do that most weekends after a few drinks for FREE! maybe I should start charging people who observe than kindly remind me the next day………….??