Celebrities That Look Like Animals

Collectively, celebrities are widely regarded as the most attractive people in the world. There are some however, that do not fit this bill and are rather peculiar looking. Others are celebrities that resemble various animals.

Jack Black – French Bulldog
Both Black and the dog look like they walk around on their face.

Jon Heder – Beaver
This “Napolean Dynamite” guy is one weird-looking dude.

Joaquin Phoenix – Brown Bear
Joaquin has done a good job of transforming himself from a Johnny Cash impersonator, to a drug addict bear with huge pupils and a strange hair accessory.

Rainn Wilson – Bald Eagle
Ever since U.S. version of The Office became a hit, life has become a little bit more bearable for all the caveman-headed, bird-looking, middle-aged men out there.

Owen Wilson – Hawk
In a way, you have to take your hat off to the Hollywood star that forgoes rhinoplasty, but they will end up on lists, drawing comparisons to birds.

Victoria Beckham – Bobcat
They are both fierce-looking, beautiful and never smile.

Donatella Versace – Ostrich
Versace (Right, wait – Left), looks an awful lot like the Ostrich, no?

Tina Turner – Chow
Tina Turner got a lot of attention for her legs and ability to perform. She deserves some attention for how much she looks like a chow, too.


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