Brook Hogan Terrifies Florida with Her Crotch

Brooke Hogan spread her thunder thighs and unleashed her crotch of horror at Calle Ocho in Miami.

Brooke Hogan‘s performance featured her dancing and flipping around on a stripper pole and looking very seductive.

With father Hulk Hogan watching in the audience, she said it was her first concert in about a year and was very enthusiastic.

I bet he was too.

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images: [splash news]

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  • http://www.ineedmyfix.com I Need My Fix

    I just threw up a bit in my mouth

  • ellesa

    Nikki, is that you?? Yeah, I agree, that photo of Brooke is disturbing.

  • a guy

    not that bad. at least she wasn’t nude.

  • deenie

    Awwww, her dad must be so proud!!!

  • ME!

    I don’t think its too bad… I would like to get a sniff!

  • Maddy

    Quit being Jealous. Brook is hot and she knows how to work it. People who are rude and petty are just insecure with themselves! You go Brook!

  • ken

    hi brook you need to come to butler pennsyvania keep up the good work your very very very hot

  • ken

    hi brook i hope you are doing well i like to meet you someday your very cute please come to butler pennsylvania i would like to have a picture of you

  • ken

    hi brook i hope you had a nice weekend keep up good work youre doing a good job i watch all your shows your hot hot mamayou have a great week love ya ken

  • Ken

    Hi brook how are you? i watch your 2seasons it made me sad special when you started crying i hope you are doing okay my heart is with you at all times i hope you have a nice weekend love ya ken

  • ken

    Hi brook i hope you have a good week and a nice weeekend coming up you were very hot kissing another female i enjoyed that it should have been a longer make out i would like to see you kiss another female soon [please]your very hot mama [please come to butler pennsylvania to visit or do a show] i would like to meet you every time your on tv i watch all your shows even when your dad had the seasons love ya always ken

  • mr s

    dont care, i would still do naughty things to her

  • brian

    Its’ not my place to judge this young lady.Quite frankly,she is beautiful.All of the negative comments are from people with self esteem,and mental disorders.handle your business.

  • Ken

    Hibrook i hope you have a merry christmas & Happy new year coming your so cute i hope someday you can come to visit Butler Pennsylvania i hope your music is coming well for you well i got to go now love you ken

  • someone

    it’s not that bad, i’d hit that. even though she could kill me between her legs!!!

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