American Idol – Motown and Redemption

Last night was a bit of redemption for some of the “American Idol” hopefuls. It was Motown night and Smokey Robinson was schooling the contestants on some soul singing.

Let’s just start with my elation over weepy Danny Gokey being dethroned by a cleaned up Adam Lambert and Allison Iraheta. They stole the show from the reigning favorites Danny and Lil Rounds. Lambert, who was looking hot for once, had landed himself in in my out box after butchering Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” last week. This week he managed to bust out a new look for his version of Smokey’s “Tracks of My Tears.” He did a nice version that showcased his falsetto without coming across as Axl Rose screeching into a mic. FINALLY!

Danny had done a hokey version of “Get Ready” that failed to appease. He noticeably failed to take Smokey’s advice of adding more to the song by singing the end of the verses. He should have listened. The sympathy card is failing and while the boy has a talent, he is a one trick pony.

Megan Corkroy and Lil came in on a wobbly performances and failed to capture a wow factor. They were both cranked out something that was very show choir-esque . Anoop Desai slowed it down a bit with “Ooh Baby Baby” and this was smart. Even though he looked like the Karate Kid I think he will be around another week. Then Allison Iraheta came out. Forget the rest of them and hand this girl a record deal. My A.I. boo sand “Papa was a Rolling Stone” and had gumption. I think this girl could be the next Kelly Clarkson.

And, as always, Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul were playing slap and tickle instead of focusing on the task at hand. Simon drew a mustache on Paula who was sober enough to notice. Regardless, 3 people will be called out for the bottom positions. Those three could easily Michael Sarver, Megan Corkrey and Scott MacIntyre.

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  • Ty

    I really liked this episode, especially cuz Smokey was on it! If there are any Motown lovers (like me), I was thrilled to go on Amazon the other day to find that they’re celebrating Motown’s 50th. It’s worth a look if you’re Motown fan: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/browse/-/320223011?tag=ilovethatsong-20

  • james

    dude some of them did amazing. while others were like meh. hopefully they do more motown stuff in the future.

  • http://www.coffeerama.com coffee

    it’s interesting how the different contestants are emerging as either obviously terrible or obviously great