Sad, Sad Little Jennifer Aniston Still Keeps Brad Pitt’s Messages

Wow. Just when you think this bitch can’t get any more pathetic.

Jennifer Aniston talks too much. This is one woman who should been seen and not heard. Or at the very list STOP spilling her inner most secrets to magazines. Get a shrink!

While talking to Marie Claire she admitted that she keeps old messages from Brad Pitt. Oy vey.

“I still have the cassette tapes of messages from my first boyfriend, my second boyfriend, my husband. It’s like saving love letters.”

How is…. “Hey babe, I’m gonna be late for dinner because I am still on the set “working” with Angelina Jolie so don’t wait up and don’t forget to pick up my economy sized tub of hair gel from Costco,” a love letter?

Get over that piece already.

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  • Nina

    At least she’s not deliberately getting pregnant to trap a guy into being with her (Angelina ADMITTED she PURPOSELY got pregnant with Shiloh because she knew Brad would be a good dad), she’s not whoring children out for cash, or publicity. She’s not letting a horse lick her boobs in photos, or having photos of herself nursing on magazine covers. She’s not lying to the public about giving 1/3 of her income to charity. Angie got 14 million for the twins’ photos, yet gave only 8 million in 2008. Huh, where did the other 6 million go? It’s still in Brangelina’s account earning interest. So how much of their multi millions in earnings get donated? NOWHERE NEAR 1/3 – they are the ones blabbing about everything to the media – their own words show them to be the liars they are.
    Give Jen a break – she’s so OVER the lying cheating bastard. Keeping tapes is like keeping love letters. It doesn’t mean you’re still in love witht the person. Get real!

  • Me

    That first comment mad me lol

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  • Abby

    Jen is a lying demented psycho that will not move on with her life. If she had moved on instead of waiting for Brad to come back she could have gotten married to a self-asbsorbed man just like her self that never wants kids.
    Brad wanted kids she didn’t that never made a good marraige. Now she wants to bash Brad ever day. Why don’t she MOVE ON ALREADY!!!! Brad had a right to get out of a BAD marraige! Now he has a right to be left alone with his family. I can’t stand psycho Jen.

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  • VoiceofReality

    Brad has _a right_ to cheat on his wife? The one who got treated really, really bad was Jen. Angelina strikes me increasingly as a whore – the way she looks and acts.