Miley Cyrus Makes Fun of Asian Community with Slant Eye Photo

The OCA, an Asian American advocacy group, wants Miley Cyrus and everyone to know that this image falls within a long and unfortunate history of people mocking and denigrating individuals of Asian descent.

George Wu, the group’s exec director says:

“Not only has Miley Cyrus and the other individuals in the photograph encouraged and legitimized the taunting and mocking of people of Asian descent, she has also insulted her many Asian Pacific American fans.

The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable.

OCA hopes that Miley Cyrus will apologize to her fans and the APA community for this lapse in judgment and takes the opportunity to better understand why the gesture is offensive.”

“The inclusion of an Asian Pacific American individual in the photo does not make it acceptable.” LOL…Right, he’s just there as a cover.

source: [celebrifi]

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  • http://Website Name

    i agree with everone here who says miley should say sorry cuz lil girls are looking up to her like my little cousin and its ashame

  • http://Website Justin

    wtf my adopted sister is asian. god shes such a jerk

  • http://allieiswired.com Jessica

    It’s cool how when half of america does this no one cares, but when miley cyrus does it. It’s autimatically a big deal. There having fun, get over it.

  • http://Website Esha

    I like hannah mantana but dislike miley

  • http://Website Cyrus Must Die!

    I hope She gets whats coming to her. I Loath that awful Singer, she is a spoild, roten, Child Prodegy. She needs this 4 Bill. lawsuit to get whats coimng to her. She and every other Teen Celebertie need to quit the Spoild acts. and should make money like a regular person. or at least put the money into good use like St. Josph’s Holspital donations. or for world hunger, Instead of buying $1,600 Dresses and close that she’ll never or barley wear.

  • http://Website Jerry

    Okay this is so offensive and Vitoria you dont see Miley making fun of your race so shut up You never see her with a box of fried chicken and You dont see her dressed up in little leaf bras and pantys and you do see her being slutty but thats her so just to let you know YOU DEPEND ON ASIANS JUST LOOK AT ALL YOUR TAGS AND MADE IN…’S

  • http://Website Kylie

    Ok, this is absolutely rediculous. Realize that I do not like Miley Cyrus that much. But also realize that I am part asian, my mom was born in korea. It is not offensive, unless pretending to have a british accent is offensive, or acting like the mostely black or hispanic gangs that are out there is offensive. I even used to do that to make my self look more asian. I think everyone needs to stop thinking that EVERYTHING that a person does automatically has a racist bent to it. I bet Miley Cyrus was not thinking racist at all when she did that.

  • WhiteRacistYouLoveToHate

    I couldn’t give more sh*t for what Miley Cyrus and other spoiled rich notalents do, but this is just wrong. All these Asian politically correct idiots picking on her for making a joke should go f*ck themselves.
    Many Asians are much “whiter” than i.e. Italians, and many have much “rounder’ eyes than i.e. Russians – isn’t THAT some naturally born racism? LOL seriously ppl, go get a life