Miley Cyrus Apologizes for Racist Photo…Kinda

Miley Cyrus has officially apologized for involving herself in yet another scandalous photo.

The tween queen was involved what has been deemed a racist photo. The “Hannah Montana” starlet was in a group photo making “slant eyes” by pulling at the corner of her peepers. The OCA, an organization dedicated to advancing the social, political and economic well-being of Asian Pacific Americans in the U.S., were outraged with the photo. They made a statement expressing their disgust.

“It is offensive to the Asian Pacific American community and sets a terrible example for her many young fans.”

Miley has fired back at the group by issuing an apology.

“I’ve also been told there are some people upset about some pictures taken of me with friends making goofy faces! Well, I’m sorry if those people looked at those pics and took them wrong and out of context! In NO way was I making fun of any ethnicity!”

While that may not be enough for the offended she feels that she is simply being picked on. Why? Because Britney Spears is not giving the media enough scandal.

“I definitely feel like the press is trying to make me out as the new ‘BAD GIRL!’ ” Cyrus writes. “I feel like now that Britney [Spears] is back on top of her game again, they need someone to pick on! Lucky me!”

Someone remind me why I should feel sorry for this ho. She has gobs of cash, a model boyfriend and a tv show. Here’s a thought, stop doing stupid shiz.

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kathy | February 5th, 2009

i don’t know, i think it’s sort of badass that she said something herself without issuing the same old michael phelps-esque statement. i don’t think she was apologizing for taking the photo, just explaining its context. and, no, i don’t feel sorry for her either, but as entertaining as britney was i’d rather not see a child follow that path. she might settle down in time, she might not. just let her live her own life.

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Erin | February 5th, 2009

It’s called Hollywood. She knew when she got into it, or even from her dad that pictures, videos, anything could be used against her. She’ll never get to just “goof around” with the world watching her.

shania | February 6th, 2009

if anybody else did it knobody would care

chrisma | February 6th, 2009

I dont think she has or need to apologize for making a goofy face.Like Shania said if anybody else would had done it,nobody would care.and if people really look at the picture she’s not the only one making the “slant eyes.” People need to relax and sotp taking little anything for granted.My advice to her dont take everything people for granted.People will always find something to talk about you,especially when you are a celebrity.That’s just how humans are.Live your life and make goofy faces whenever you want.Peace always.

Raeanna | February 6th, 2009

who cares!

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Anonymous | February 8th, 2009

hey im chinese and im in no way ofended by this pic…. wot losers to make a fuss of it.. we have nick names and we pull those faces to. not everything is racist. somethings are just ment as humour. how boring……..

still wrong | February 8th, 2009

*facepalm* are you joking me……… this wasn’t a racist pic? they all just happened to squint their eyes and the azn guy happened to not partake in this seemingly normal funny face……

lololol | February 9th, 2009

pity britney spears has some sort of talent, while miley has none whatsoever.

oh and, why make all the fuss about the racial undertones of this picture? why isn’t anyone wondering why she looks absolutely wasted?

wow | February 9th, 2009

Thank goodness no Asian will ever be as ugly and sound as ear-piercingly awful as Destiny Hope Cyrus.

thomas | February 10th, 2009

WELL THE ASIAN GUY DIDNT CARE why is everyone else caring jesus fuck the girl is 14 think yeahs would cut her a break, racism is being blown out of porposion, there racism HATE then jokes with your friends and that asian was smiling

Taylor | February 10th, 2009

How stupid is tht people need to grow up

Taylor | February 10th, 2009

reporting tht she probz didnt mean n e fink by it

C4 | February 10th, 2009


BTW:Who cares!! u dont see them getting mad at russell peters!! and he actually is funny ,but so wat!!?!

Haley | February 10th, 2009

She is SITTING BESIDE AN ASIAN person! Oh my lord. She’s 16 years old. She’s not “Racist”. She’s a freaking child. Leave her alone and stop putting words in her mouth. It’s ridiculous. The people sitting around her are making the same faces. Are they all racist too? No. Idiots.

Nisha | February 10th, 2009

Kay look , she’s famous!
not anyone else in the pic and miley cirus is seen by alot of YOUNG women and she’s a role model , I fthis is what she’s going to teach young women then i say fire her butt!!!!
Cuz she odvically cant handle being famous or being a role model !
and she needs to stop whinnin shes not gettin picked On , She’s getting told the truth ….. Stop being a slut!
Sorry it had to be so harsh.

___________________ | February 11th, 2009

man all you guys go on about now days is racist this racist that like shut the fuck up….and you try telling me you never made a funny face something like that before, like come on now just because she is famous now everyone seems to try and pick on her for little things like this.
and who is this bitch here ? stop being a slut ????? what does slut have to do with anything here ??
give her a fucking break

bethie | February 12th, 2009

Don’t you think it’s funny how racist african americans are against whites and they don’t get in trouble?
People really need to stop making things seem racist, i have a friend who is asain, it doesnt mean anything to me. She is Rachael, and I am Bethanny. Why does skin color have to mean anything at all, we’re all people.

sarah | February 13th, 2009

To Miley: YOU are a stupid little bitch, and you dont know ANYTHING. you should know by now that giving that fucking “slanted eye” is racist and fucking stupid. oh and whoever # 20 is, you’re a dumbass too. “give her a fucking break?” ha, i dont think so, BITCH

Lime | February 13th, 2009

Racism is racism when a gesture is done for the intent of discrimination towards another person or a group of people.

The problem with people is that they always judge everything by their first impression, by what they see, without really finding out what the gesture really meant and relying with hear-say.

And thanks to the media, things like these go out of hand. A paparazzi takes a picture of a celebrity and the next thing you know its the new issue of the day, week, month or year regardless of whether it was fabricated because the lies become the truth when everyone has come to hear and accept it.

Bottom line is, its all for the money.

Also, I find it funny how people rant and whine. They keep on saying things like, ‘shes a motherfucking bitch’ but they ain’t really making any difference. What they say only reflects the kind of person that they are. And all the more that the world wont change for the better because its mostly populated with these kind of people.


Everyone’s just self-righteous. :) ROFL!

Mariah | February 13th, 2009

Yeah Some Of These People Are Right This Is NOT Rasism It’s Having A Few Laughs With Some Friends This Is So Fucking Rediculous

brook | February 13th, 2009

you know who miley says she thinks she is being picked by the press, well then maybe she should not do stuff like that instead of making everyone think that the press is picking on her!!!lol

... | February 13th, 2009

# still wrong Says:
February 8th, 2009 at 9:11 pm

*facepalm* are you joking me……… this wasn’t a racist pic? they all just happened to squint their eyes and the azn guy happened to not partake in this seemingly normal funny face……

Here’s a response for that. This is late though. Still Wrong, firstly, you spelled Asian wrong, and you called the normal face ‘funny’. that’s racist in its own. Secondly, there is no logically and physically accurate way for all of them to squint at the same moment. And to add to that, if that was an coincidental occurrence, they wouldn’t have stretched the skin around the eye with their hands. You need to face the truth, no matter how much you like Cyrus, she’s not perfect. you should stop defending her when its quite obvious she did that on purpose.

Send me hate mail for all I care.

BHK | February 13th, 2009

britainnia rules the wave

mo | February 14th, 2009

Honestly I think people need to stop looking at her as a bad person. shes awesome and amazing and handles thinkgs so well which shows her maturity. it was obvioulsy a joke because there was a guy of the ethnicity in the photo opening his eyes really wide to look like an american. honestly what has this world come to. stupid people making a site(cough cough…. allieiswired.com) to critsize everything a teenage girls is doing. you do it the first time, shame on you once. you do it the second time, shame on you twice. but this hasnt been the only article on this stupid hand made put toether blog critiszing miley. I say get a life and leave her ALONE!!

emily | February 14th, 2009

she does not mean it in a bad way! she was just joking .. if she really meant it than she wouldn’t be doing that infront of her asian friend. obviously she meant it as a joke. and for those people who say it’s not funny, i’m sure either you or someone else made a comment like that and you laughed .. not because you meant it but we all make mistakes. NOBODY’S PERFECT!

millie big fan | February 15th, 2009

yer i agree if she was being racised then yer ur right she wouldnt of done it infront of her asian friend he looks nice. They all look drunk anyway xxx eeekk

becca | February 15th, 2009

Why did she apologize theres an asian guy in the photo anywayyyy

Hello. | February 15th, 2009

I think the people who are criticizing her should stop, it was probably just something she viewed as a joke. She most likely didn’t mean to be racist, she was just being young, and with youth comes stupidity.

I also think you should stop defending her, personally, I think it was just a stupid and immature joke Miley thought was funny. I think we should just let this go.

Rob | February 15th, 2009

She is a celebrity and does have the responsibility to act in a proper manner. Yes there is an Asian in the pic but does he not look a little uncomfortable. Just because you’re in a room with a black guy doesn’t make it okay to should Ni&&er. Don’t kid yourself, I would find it offensive if I walked by someone on the street doing that and would put my foot up their ass. As for Miley, Fuck her and all the dumbasses like her.

Trev | February 16th, 2009

Isn’t it interesting that all this blows up about the same time it is announced Miley Cyrus is listed as favourite to win a number of awards in a particular award ceremony?

Not at all like when “Beautiful Mind” was set to win a load of Oscars and someone brought up the allegd anti-semitic past of the man it was based on.

Am I just seeing conspiracy here?

nicole | February 18th, 2009

y r u being racist 2 mii culture 4??? u racist cow!! u cant sing!!

nicole | February 18th, 2009

yhoo sing lyk a squeeking rat or even a drunk old mann!!!! get lost or your career will be over!!!!

killdisney | February 19th, 2009

I hate that bitch! She cant act, sing nor write music but she’s getting all that undeserved love!

sabrina | February 21st, 2009

Ok for Instance you all are mad at a girl for making a face!! She wanted to do with her friends. Let me tell you one thaing it happens everyday. I just read something that was racisit on britney spears but is anyone doing anything about that? No because there all more curious on what the face makeing pertails. Leave her alone its her right to do what she wants just like any of the rest of us. Because one rumor starts about one person it persist and it stays on that person for months. I see nothing wrong with what she did you people just want a good reason to get some of her money and that in it self is wrong and out right discusting. Live your own life and leave her out of your’s, listen to her music and watch her shows. That’s what she want’s you to focus on not her love life not her personality and deffenitly not her personal life. why does the personal have to be such a big issue unless she’s makeing money and asking you to get in to it. stay out of her personal affairs. how would you all feel if this happened to you. put your self in her place and see how you like it. Trust me on this its really no fun when people assume thaings and try to take something from you that you’ve worked hard for and they didn’t work at all for it. If I was miley I wouldn’t apoligize for nothing it was all fun and games and tell you people who think its racist to get over your selves and stay out of it. its not your conceren theres worst thaings out there in the world to worry about and you worry about a facial expression.Make your own expressions in front of someone thats a different race then you and see what reaction you get I bet it would be the same that everyone is doing to miley…… thank you and have a nice day FOREVER YOURS BREE….

azn | February 22nd, 2009

i use to like miley alot, but after this mess up im not going to let any of my kids watch her shows.

Ashley | February 22nd, 2009

As you can see, there is an Asian in the picture. Obviously, this is one of their friends. If it wasn’t, he wouldn’t be the picture now would he? I’m sure people who are friends with people from a different ethnic background, tease each other. He could make a funny impression of a white person and it wouldn’t be offensive. Before you judge other people, you need to look at yourself and your friends. Because if you have teased one of your friends, you are just as guilty if you believe the picture taken is wrong.

Anonymus | March 5th, 2009

im chinese and this picture is realllyyy stupiddd.
everyone makes that face even us! juss cuz she’s a celeb, every picture she takes is “scandalous”
i dun like her but she’s 16 give her a breakk.
jeez, those people who are sueing 4billion dollars?
woowww i think they juss wanna get some money

CC | March 12th, 2009

i gotta say, i’m a bit offended by miley’s picture. i was picked on a tormented relentlessly because i had asian eyes when i was little. kids would always run up to me and make fun of me for my eyes. it was a really big insecurity of mine growing up. and while i may not be made fun of for my eyes anoymore, i still find the picutre insulting.
but, i have to say that i feel a little bad for miley, just because she’s growing up in the spotlight, where the media trails her, and there’s tons of bad influences arodn her every day. that however, does not excuse her. i find it annoying that the asian, jewish, and african-american communities are probably the most made-fun-of ethnicities/religions.

bp22 | March 27th, 2009

it’s funny that she defends herself by saying that it’s just a “goofy face” picture. i didn’t know making slanted eyes was suppose to be a “goofy face.” and no, the finger is not only being pointed to her, but also towards her ignorant friends. and it’s a shame that the asian guy is taking part in this “goofy face” picture. if anything, he looks like the biggest fool among them. for those of you arguing that this is not a “big deal,” it’s easy for you to say because most likely you’re not asian. yes people make mistakes…but did miley acknowledge it? no, she justifies her ass that it was harmless. don’t apologize if you don’t mean it. and yes, she deserved being dissed by radiohead. you don’t always get what you want…and karma’s a bitch…what comes around goes around.

Annoynamous | March 27th, 2009

Yeah,it might just be a goofy face to her,but the cartoons make Asians so stupid looking,and thats why Miley was doing that.If TV Shows didn’t make Asians look like crap,then people would stop being racist.Well,I think people are going a little too far with the 4 billion dollars.But i guess they were really offended.If your not Asian,you don’t understand how offended we are,having our face maken fun of and just cause people pay attention to the stupid cartoons

Boo Boo | April 4th, 2009

Whoever saying “I’m Asian and not offended “here is not really Asian but pretending so.
Pathetic, hypocritical White Americans try to defend their own stupid bitch here.
Of course, she is racist precisely because she put her “Asian friend” in front of other friend.
If she did not make fun of Asian slanting eyes, why does she have to put him in front?
Precisely because she wanted to make this picture “Asian affair”. How pathetic these people were.
21st century has come and still these idiots can’t deal with different feature or so.
By the way, tell me whats so funny about slanting eyes?? Were it so bad to you non Asians so that you can’t help making fun of them?
Ahhh so pathetic!

sinny | April 8th, 2009

miley is a total bitch she is the worst teenager i have ever seen i think she should stop being sucg a slag and tri 2 be normal person and see how hard it is she acts like the queen even tho most ppl hate her this is what i think of her and what i would do if i seen her: miley ur such a slag rote in hell and then i would stand on her toes and spit on her!!!!

LifeNLiberty | April 10th, 2009

“Goofy faces taken out of context”…

First of all, so squinting/slanted eyes (in reference to the Asian ethnicity) are considered making goofy faces?
How is this taken out of context?
JOke or not, she’s considered a pop icon.
The point of the OCA was not to say she can’t have “fun” but her actions are very influential. All her fans who don’t know the “CONTEXT” can easily copy her and think it’s OK to “make goofy faces” and/or take it to another level of ignorance.
Yes, people are not perfect, we slip up, but own up to your mistakes. Don’t come up with some b.s. that it was taken out of context..
We’re all people.

jasmin | April 19th, 2009

i use to like hannah alot before i thought she was sweet cute but she turns out to be a bitch

foreverXtheXlyrics | April 23rd, 2009

ok, Miley knows that she is supposed to be a role model to tons of kids and that people are watching her! She knew that those photos could leak out onto the internet. Yeah, most people wouldn’t care if somebody else did something wrong, but they are not celeberties. She has to be careful of what she does, so she doesn’t offend anyone. If that’s too much to ask, then I suggest she quit her job

Raylene | April 30th, 2009


Anonoymous | May 12th, 2009

well this is complete rubbish why do people take things to serioulsy for miley was just having fun im sure we all have done that before everyone has but we dont hurt anyone because were not famous but when famous people do its completely different well thats just stupid.

Kanada | May 12th, 2009

Hey Miley.. YOu are a spoiled brat and Are you trying to make Britney Spears look Bad?? Well, looky over hear! She is wayyyyyyyyyyymore famous than you and SHE doesnt say bad things about you!!!!
(Not thatI like Bbritney Spears)
Listen, just calm down, you DUMMY!!
Guess who I am!! Almost everyone in my school reads my websiteee and I write all the horrible things about you which are very true, and YES I am writing something about this!!HGaHA

the socially conscious | May 27th, 2009

i believe that her actions are ignorant and can be perceived to be racist in nature (you have to be aware of the historical context of discrimination)…otherwise you yourself will just be ignorant.

just because one person of the racial/ethnic group (perhaps internalizing racism themselves) says they’re not offended..certainly does NOT make it ok, or make the impact any less (i.e. one black person being okay with the n-word)

privilege….educate yourself about it…

Amuro' Biatch | June 7th, 2009

WHY ARE PEOPLE DEFENDING HER?! Believe it or not little girls actually look up to this whore. Im not even asian and im offended

miley143 | June 13th, 2009

come people what’s wrong with that pictures??? there’s nothing wrong with that for God Sake… grow up people… its just a simple playing around with friends…i don’t really know Miley but because of this.. i think i gonna love this girl… and find her talented..

adf | June 16th, 2009

WOW OMG , u guys are snoops what does that shit matter

Bill McCourt | June 21st, 2009

i think you all are taking this way to seriously. sure a lot of kids look up to her and i can see why some would be mad about the photo, but odds are she never expected it to leak. Secondly i personally myself am a teenager and what she is doing in the photo is normal!!! kids make fun of ethnicities with their friends right there all the time. And why is it only white people who can be racist im african american and personally i make racist comments against white people. but they make fun back. you cant make racism go away it just doesnt work that way it will never stop and whats done is done. making her apologize isnt going to change that she did it or the damage its caused so why tread on what cant be changed?
mail me with your comments

Imani | June 22nd, 2009

Miley Cyrus has a life yea I know, but she shouldnt be doing this, its rude, and really not cool! She already did scandelous photos so why would she do this know, knowing that since her 1st scandelous photo was already published, to do this??? It’s stupid…And people look up to her… I mean I personally dont care becuz Im not a fan… Neither is my cuzin = D I have a life that I need to live.. i only live once!! And I’m not going to worry about this..Its stupid crap!! Miley Cyrus needs to get off of TV and shut down that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kate | July 1st, 2009

Miley C. has been off the walls and i dont think think she deserves the opportunity. She has took an racist photo and claims to have been a goofy photo. Yeah, right Miley Cyrus. I think she should lose the contract with Disney. Apparently disney is worried about the money not the things this little girl has been doing.If it was my decision she should just be fired from disney. I understand, she is young and all but thats no excuse for her immature actions. She should just life and normal life. I think its best. I’m personally not a fan. And, I think she should be gone. Are, you serious Miley C. Apparently you want to get fired from disney and i dont understand your actions. I’m 17 and I control my self. I model & sing & act but i dont do that immature stuff. I love to party and have fun, But I’m reserved and i watch my actions or it could mess with my career. Just an word of advise ” Watch Your Actions “.

Emerald | July 13th, 2009

you guys are even lucky she apologized!tell me you haven’t EVER made a funny face face before! it’s not racist! its making fun! god damn just leave her alone! it could have been worse!

Anonymous | August 2nd, 2009

She did make a face but she knows she shouldnt put them on the internet dumb bitch! What a hore

Anonymous | August 4th, 2009

REALLY? really…….

links of london | August 6th, 2009

you guys are even lucky she apologized!tell me you haven’t EVER made a funny face face before! it’s not racist! its making fun! god damn just leave her alone! it could have been worse

zxenlk | August 8th, 2009

umm if they really were making funny faces how come all their face have the same expression except for one… it also happens to be a slanted eye face tats totally not racist at all(sarcasm).

Learn | August 9th, 2009

Also I do realize that obviously a lot of white people arent like that and are just normal people but I couldnt help that notice that it was always a white nation who did these kinds of terrible things without any regard for the people they enslaved and killed. And Im talking only about incidents that happened when humans became more civilized (around the past 200 years or so)… things that happened like 900 years ago dont count because back then it was a completely different world.

WORDonTHEstreet | August 9th, 2009

I’ve never done this before but first of all anyone defending this girl is as ignorant and stupid as she is. If this “funny face” is not racist, then how come its basically making fun of the way Asian people’s faces look? Thats the fucking definition of racism you fucking morons. And I’m half Asian and half white so no one can say I’m being biased because I can consider it from both sides. Also to several people that posted on this site; you idiots might want to check your spelling and grammar before you post if you want people to take you seriously instead of just making yourself look like an uneducated dumbass who can’t even spell.

Also I just cant understand how Miley Cyrus is so popular. She has no talent in singing or acting and on top of that, she isnt even very good looking… in fact i’ve seen a picture of her without all that pro makeup artist shit on and she’s actually pretty ugly. That’s all I have to say and I’m never doing this again, and to anyone else who disagrees, take your ignorant head out of your asses and wake up to reality.

Learnd | August 9th, 2009

Anyone who says that this photo is just for fun and is not a big deal is obviously white… how classic.

Honestly, has anyone ever noticed that it was ALWAYS white people who didn’t respect other kinds of people?

EXAMPLES: WHITE PEOPLE stole america from native americans and gave them shit all for it, WHITE PEOPLE stole africans and made them slaves, WHITE PEOPLE promised a good life for asians in america and instead made them slaves to the railroad, GERMANS (WHITE PEOPLE) tried to kill jews and had they succeeded probably everyone else who wasn’t white… enough said… I guess racism is in white people’s blood

By the way I know Im being racist to white people in this message… but I could care less cuz if anything they deserve all the racism that others can dish out for all the suffering and pain that they caused to SO MANY other countries.

maria | August 10th, 2009

i think way to many people are picking on miley for no reason! i think that miley is just a normal talented girl who dezervs better!

shadow | August 22nd, 2009

well i hate her…why not lead a normal life instead i don’t need millions of bucks and fame she needs to know that

dss | August 28th, 2009

it might sound inconsiderate but she had nothin to apoligize for and by the way its not because someone has cash, model boyfriend and a tv show that she should be put under fier over some RIDICULESS photos, it makes me wonder: Are there anySANE ppl out there that wont take evrythin so serious and over the top?

dss | August 28th, 2009

LEARND u r being hypocritical now. u say it are alwways white ppl still in many wars rnt started by them aand yet u seem to focus only on that. u r focussin to find sometin and u r bein as much of a racist u r acusing ‘white ppl’ to be. i dont know wy u seem to focus only at things started by white ppl but u r obvious blocking out many things that werent caused by white ppl. OPEN UR EYS AND SEE THE WORLD AS IT IS, WARS AND FIGHTS AND MANY BAD THINGS HAVE NOTHIN TO DO WITH ONE SPECIFIC RACE EVRY RACE HAS HIS HISTORY OF STARTIN FIGHTS AND KILLIN PPL FOR NOT BEIN ONE OF THEM……OPEN UR EYES!!!!

Meyuh | August 31st, 2009

I hear she TRYING to get out of Disney?!? She should be grateful they even put her on Hannah Montana.

Meyuh | August 31st, 2009

Oh and I don’t dislike nor hate Miley because I don’t know her personally… But she should stop doing weird innapropriate things (At least don’t get pictured doing it). I’m sure she’s a nice person.. plus if Selena likes her then hell, I do to! :) Go SelGomez !

Anonymous | September 1st, 2009

She just doesnt understand that when she becomes this famous she becomes a role model. and a rly bad 1 to. how she takes those pics of herself just in the bra and stuffs. and slanders about other celebs (Celina Gomez, Demi lovato, Jonas brothers)

xoxstar | September 2nd, 2009

Miley is just racist rude and needs to get a grip. She is just jealous of Demi Lovato and Selena Gomez coz they are pretty. Miley need to calm down and stop beign so stupid. I hate Miley Cyrus anyways.

R0starr | September 2nd, 2009

what a brat!
what does she think she’s doing?

Bryce | September 9th, 2009

I hate when people say Im sorry if people felt offended. What she is saying is im sorry you’re offended dumbass. She should just admit it was racist and a rude thing to do but it does not mean she hates Asian people and shes sorry. Shes a little kid so people would probably accept her apology, if she gave one

Mari | October 3rd, 2009

making a goofy face? so is she saying asians have goofy faces? i know she was just messing around but if she would just stop doing things she know will get bad attention, maybe people wouldn’t hate her so much.

Lawl | October 6th, 2009

Meh, not all Asian people have eyes like that lawl.
Considering how Indian descent and Russian descent are Asian too.

Junior | October 9th, 2009

there are many different views on this picture. But i must admit personally that I’ve said and done somethings that are considered racially insensitive and I’m certain, that some, not all that wrote those crude comments about Miley aren’t completely innocent themselves when it comes down to it. I don’t have a problem with Miley or dislike her in anyway. And when I heard some of the obscene things people said and wrote about her, I thought to myself you can’t possibly feel this way if you never spent a day with her or know her personally. I believe people shouldn’t say things about others that they wouldn’t want others to say about them. If don’t feels she is a good role model for your kids don’t let them watch her or even better teach them that not everything Miley or any other celebrity does is right; teach them to think for themselves. Considering her age group shes bound to do some preposterous things without really thinking about the consequences, so did I and I’m sure many of you did also when you were in her age group or if you are in her age group, I’m 19 now and I still do stupid things.If she does something you don’t approve of you have a right to voice your opinion but make an attempt to do so in a mature manner.Those of you who are older than me should know better and try not to resort to name calling because if you have or had any kids, you would not say or want others to say those nasty things about your kids. those of you who are younger than me or are in my age group are probably learning by now or will soon learn that more people will listen to what you have to say and you can get your point across better when you don’t say it in a rude, vile, disrespectful, and insensitive demeanor. People should understand that Miley like everyone else is only human and she will make mistakes and when you write things about her or say things about her you should ask yourself before you do it am giving constructive criticism? or is it just immature ranting. I don’t want anyone to think that i approve of this picture in fact I think Miley should try to be conservative due to the fact that she is an iconic figure and because of that people will do anything to make her seem bad, even though shes not a bad person at all in my opinion. she was probably just goofing of thinking its just harmless fun and didn’t mean to offend anyone. Since i’m not Asian i can never truly understand how they feel, and I can’t tell them how to feel about the picture. Like i mentioned earlier I to Am Guilty of being racially insensitive. I’m an African american and sometimes i make a couple jokes about my Hispanic or Caucasian friend and they do the same to me. Growing up like many of us do, most of us don’t make a big deal about stuff like this, because most of us feel it just harmless fun but that doesn’t make its right. if you have a problem with this picture but are guilty of being racially insensitive, after giving your opinion you should make a conscious effort to be more racially sensitive. my friends and I, Miley, And anyone who grew up like us should make the same effort to be more racially sensitive and i speak for myself when I say I will make that effort.

Feel free to email me what you think pierresaintpauljr@gmail.com

Anonymous | October 20th, 2009

Well, I personally believe that she is really stupid. Come on, after the sheet scandal, she should know not to take risky photos, videos, or anything else to get herself in to trouble. She is famous, for goodness sake! Shouldn’t she know not to do anything offensive. I mean, everyone is slightly racist once in a while, but not publicly. She is famous, and being famous gives u certain responsibilities. She needs to work on her reputation.

damien | November 8th, 2009

dude she is a kid people just tryingto get money out of her

Lisa | November 8th, 2009

Miley cyrus is a nice,kind and caring person.Everyone does that face its not like she is the only person.Im a big fan of miley cyrus and im not just saying this because im a fan, i think this photo isnt racist in any way!Jeez, just give her a break shes a 16 year old girl who is a very good singer,actress who is very talented in every way!Dont make fun of her just because you dont like her, if you dont like her you dont need to share it!So i say just leave her alone!

zara | November 9th, 2009

miley used to be one of my favourite popstars and when i found out about her racist comments, i was totally put off her, and i wont listen to her again.
And if u can read this miley, ur a looser.

Thoob | November 9th, 2009

“.Everyone does that face its not like she is the only person.”

uhh no everyone doesnt do tat face, why didnt the asian guy do it… because he asian and miley and her lil group was pointing tat out, sure maybe if the asian guy did it too, maybe it wont be so racist… shit i dont do it so you cant say eveyone does tat face.. she’s a over confident popstar tat needs to know how the celebrity game works.. so if she jus wanted to act like a kid or a teenager, why not get out of the scene and be a regular teen..

Damn | December 3rd, 2009

Miley Cyrus is a celebrity, she has millions of fans some of them being young children who doesn’t know any better. Her actions can be used to set an example, that is why everyone is picking on her. Can you imagine if just ten kids in each country start mimicking her because its a ‘goofy face’ and ‘Miley Cyrus is doing it’, if it had not been termed racist, at least one person will get hurt. The asian in the pic is smiling, but does it say in the picture he doesn’t mind? the other kids who follow miley, are you sure their friends won’t mind?

Damn | December 3rd, 2009

and I absoltely agree with zara and thoob

hidayah | December 5th, 2009

im an asian..but i dont hav tht kinda of eyes..but chinese really does..miley did this,and i think this might insult them..~

sherry | December 30th, 2009

i think this is pathetic.who gives a flying f*** if she took a photo like that. its not like she bad mouthing any ethnicity or something. so many people pose like that in pictures. until shes 18 her company or whatever are gonna tell her what to do, what kind of music she has to do and everything. she has \NO CHOICE but to be a role model.i dont understand how like shows can make fun of ethnicity and mention racism and stuff and hate crimes and they dont get in troubloe for it. i think thats soo stupid, and i know of people who have cause actuall hate crimes agaisnt ppls race and they dont get penalized for it or fined or whatever. i think this is all bullshit. shesfucking like only 17 let her usae up the rest of her childhood by doing goofy shit.its not like its hurtning you.

sherry | December 30th, 2009

and seriously all you asians out there with the funny eyes who are offended by this, do you really wake up in the morning and look in the mirror so devastated and loook at yourself as an empty shell just because myley maybe made fun of asians. cmon people dont be suc h losers, and people are gonna make fun of your eyes regardless unless you get western eye surgery. ahaha but then ppl will look at you and say omg look how big that asians eyes are :o

Candy | January 17th, 2010

Honestly I think Miley was just playing around. But playing or not a person should not play like this. This photoh is offensive to me and im not even Asion. Its sad to see a good girl go bad.

Name Ann | April 11th, 2010

If making slant-eyes is “goofy” to Miley than looking Asian must be goofy to her as well.

Hmmm… that’s definitely racist right there.

When someone ethnicity is used as a joke, then yes, it’s racist.
If painting your face black (blackface) and you “humourously” act “Black” then that’s racist.

Anyone who fails to see that, is an idiot.

Dr. Rick Marshall | April 17th, 2010

Im not THAT offended i just want her to give a real apology. But how can u all really say she was just playing around if someone made fun of ur race i bet u would be posting up nasty comments dont lie to urself because its not u being made fun of… look at things in a different perspective. I should kno im a doctor.

sneaky eye | April 18th, 2010

Look at the pic one more time to your left do you see that guy with a beer or wine? omg they got dronk!!! Duuuuuuu That’s why they look like that there hair all mest up and everthing and there was no adults!!! So why sould’nt they

pliskin | May 3rd, 2010

while asian community may have overeacted over a dumb teen, you have to acknowledge where they’re coming from. Its like doing a black face to black people, I can see why asians get ANGRY. if you invalidate them by saying chillout, you’re an idiotic bigot (you know it would be a huge scandal if it was any ethnicity making open racist gestures against white people). stop it with your hypocrisy and double standards.

moreover, this is also semi-important because she appeals to a young crowd… people look up to celebrities (though they shouldnt) as role-models. what kind of message does she send, while shes ignorant and did the right thing to issue an apology.. dismissing the importance of the seemingly increasing incidences of such gestures is ridiculous (olympics comes to mind). The main problem is raising social AWARENESS. As long as you dismiss the importance of appropriate behaviors, people will continue to think such behaviors is OK to engage in. It is not. I don’t care if people have slanted eyes, what makes slanted eyes negative anyways? there is no scientific evidence of any superiority nor inferiority yet people engage in these silly behaviors. Keep hopping on the bandwagon, you dumb brainless zombies.. use your head, cant we all get a long? I swear to god someone one day gonna go nuts and another school shooting will be inorder.

pliskin | May 3rd, 2010


go back to school you ignorant bigot. you must be so fat in real life that the world revolves around you. All cultures exhibits degrees of prejudice against others, but It is precisely such open and blatant display of egocentricity and ignorance that the whole world hates us for.

anonymous | June 18th, 2010


Sarah | June 27th, 2010

If she made fun of us Asians, LETS MAKE FUN OF COUNTRY PEOPLE!!!!!!!

unclelim | July 30th, 2010

She is a bitch. She is uglier than many pure asian chinese girls.

squidward is the best | August 21st, 2010

she dont mean it cause she isnt apologizing her self she making other people apoligize for her.

Pretty Girlie | September 25th, 2010

I dont care wat u lot say about her i like miley cyrus and that is that she is just having a laugh do you ppl ever do that??? it is pathetic that every1 makes such a big deal about EVERY LITTLE THING a celeb does. Them other ppl are doin it bt is any1 saying “Oh, ur racist?” ??? No theyr not

disturb336 | November 2nd, 2010

oh miley,u should keep doing this… afterall it will boost ur country economy down :p ngeeh

its typical of u americans who always make fun of asians and also the black.its really famous now about u people..one day americans will be ignored

qwerty | June 30th, 2011

some people are saying that she’s not being racist but just “having fun”. so if i take a picture where i wear blings, pop my eyes out, pucker my lips, hold a chicken-waffle and Kool Aid, I’m not being racist to black people?
and look how she singled out the asian guy to not make that face. i doesn’t seem like he finds it hilarious. just following along with what the rich and famous person tells him to do. also that guy who’s trying to imitate the asian peace sign is a total fail. those are bunny ears he’s doing, which is one signature pose for us whites. why the hell is miley allowing racism, she’s supposed to be a role model! dumb bitch. if it’s not discriminatory, then i don’t know how it’s funny to these racist assholes around the world. there are a lot more funnier expressions than stretching your eyes out.

ASN | July 5th, 2011

She did NOT really apologised. She just said that she was sorry that other people saw the picture and took them and out of context. Well it wasn’t the PEOPLES fault to think that it was racist well?? Cause it looks definitely racist! Well maybe it wasn’t supposed to be racist but she didn’t had to do it at all. She sees this as a joke but she had to know that it’s a racist gesture..!!

I am asian and I hate it that I liked her music before this.. She has to know that she insulted and disappointed many of her fans like asian fans.. (But not only asian fans)

And she is a bad example for her young fans. Not only for this: she also use drugs, she ‘s acting slutty, getting more bad in her videoclips, takes naked pictures or pictures in underwear of herself etc. etc. etc.!