Aubrey O’Day’s Playboy Photos – See Photos

Well, here it is. Aubrey O’Day nude in Playboy. I like their approach, shade the face, putting the emphasis on her scalp and lackluster dye job.

I don’t get it. Playboy paid $500,000 to the skankiest woman in Hollywood to pose nude for them — which was a total waste of money.

You see, they’ve photoshopped her to the point of completely unrecognizable. In fact, I didn’t even know it was her at first. This could be a photo of anyone, really.

You know what’s sad? She probably sees this as the highlight of her career.

See the NSFW photos HERE.

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  • Anonymous

    super hot. hope she does porn!!

  • http://www.notable.tv Notable.TV

    Great post – hilarious!

  • Hey Now

    Why does she have to be a skank? There are lots of women who have posed nude for Playboy!

  • law

    Man this a sexy thick ass white chick

  • marc

    I think she’s hot. Let all the haters hate.

  • Anonymous

    she aint hot here in this pic, yo.

  • vishwakumar

    give me job pleas