Robert Pattinson’s Plastic Surgery

Robert Pattinson is the young British gentlemen coasting on the wave of success created by his film Twilight.

Prior to Twilight, he played Cedric Diggory in the film Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Before that, he was your everyday ordinary civilian — and according to this site, an ordinary civilian with a few flaws.

In fact, they suggest rhinoplasty and jaw implants.

Robert Pattinson began his modeling career when he was twelve years old, but it winded down only four years later. He has blamed his lack of work as a model on his masculine appearance.

Pattinson explained in an interview with New York Magazine,

“When I first started I was quite tall and looked like a girl, so I got lots of jobs, because it was during that period where the androgynous look was cool. Then, I guess, I became too much of a guy, so I never got any more jobs. I had the most unsuccessful modeling career.”

So what do you think, plastic surgery or not?

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  • lola

    goodplasticsurgery is just some lonely broad who looks at pictures and guesses. Here is an actual plastic surgery website that has actual plastic surgeons weigh in –and all the surgeons and contributors agreed that Robert Pattinson does NOT look like he’s had any work done, especially to his nose since it’s imperfect:

  • Lauren

    Was the person who suggested he had a jaw implant freaking blind? His jawline is apparent in every picture, even the ones where he’s quite young. He has an assymetrical nose too, that’s not what noses look like after rhinoplasty!

  • Angela

    What? No, I don’t see any changes dramatic enough to account for plastic surgery taking place. Its just different angles and lighting.

  • Debbie


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  • Judy

    You’re reaching – its definitely the angles and lighting.

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  • jules

    totally not, he is still looking the same as four years ago
    well not the same, he looks so much better now ;)

  • Pauls

    He sucks, surgery or not.

  • shelby

    Ok well all of the before pictures are from now,age 22. The after pictures are all from when he was promoting harry potter 4, when he was about 17 or 18. I mean come on,really hes gotten older, taller and put on more weight and he doesnt look as boyish now because the true fact is-he isnt a boy anymore.

  • valeria

    its wrong to lie about people like that he did not get plastic surgery thats crazy talk, he just grew up. i mean to me he looks good either way but i don’t think i can read any of this garbage about my favorite actor any longer you guys whoever did this story is such a liar i think he has a natural look not a plastic one!

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  • Mojca

    He just lost a bit of fat in his face and now the chin is more obvious… that’s all…

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  • cloclo

    It is pbvious that Rob did not have plastic surgery. he went from a good looking teeange boy to a super hot, masculine man. We all change natuarally(it’s called puberty)and nature did him a whole lot of good!

  • http://tachmesmd.com Plastic Surgeon

    I don’t think that he had plastic surgery. There are some telltale signs of surgery that occur when done on the face and I don’t see any of those here. Although he does look different, it seems to me that these changes are the result of diet, exercise, and natural changes in the body due to maturation.

  • Anonymous

    You know… Hair can make a very big difference in appearence. Thats funny! Do straight guys get plastic surgery?

  • Trixy3006

    ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?! He went from 17 to 22!!! Jeeze.. GET A LIFE! XD

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  • Franzi

    i find it funny that people like you look for some dirt in his life when there clearly is NONE!! he never had plastic surgery. He’d laugh at you telling him you saw signs. lol. He just got older and if you look very close you see that his nose is still slightly off, as in not straight. The jaw was always the same either.

    those pics are taken from in between showing for HP. AND the one you claim being ‘after’ is from a photoshot where maybe some photoshopping was done.

    And do you know WHY he never had any surgery either? BECAUSE HE DOESNT F****** care how he looks. haha. get a life!

  • twilight sucks

    he guy is a germ yes he is the little homo who played a role in harry potter get the hell over it if he was a normal guy walking in the street no one would even take notice of him

  • http://Y5RU sky

    rob is hot either if he had surgery or not

  • Paige

    silly….Robert did not have plastic surgery! really stupid to think he did though!

  • http://msn laura and kristy

    hi we love u so much and u r the best and fit have u got msn and this is laura xxxxxxxxxxx

  • ann

    rob didnt have had plastic surgery! im ALMOST sure that the 2 second pictures had been taken before the first ones! those were taken when he played the role as cedric diggory!!

  • Anonymous

    go to hell…..how dare could someone say those thing for god????i love u robert…MARRIE ME..!!!!!!!!!

  • http://google souzana

    fuck everyone that says that robert has plastic surgery…….

  • fuckGoodPlasticSurgery.com

    goodplasticsurgery, i would just like to say “Ang tang-ina mo and bobo ka pa”. Huwag na kasi kayong mainggit kay Robert Pattinson–dinadamay mo pa sa kabobohan mo. Kung ganyan kayong kabobo ‘wag na kayong gumago kasi–bobo ka na nga dadamayin mo pa si Rob. goodplasticsurgery=retards

  • Catherine

    this is just dumb.Let go of th drugs you idiot.He was right about people trying to put you down

  • Gaby Cullen

    Wow!!!! He is much better nnow and cuter!!!!

    Before he look like a bi…

  • renie


  • Ashley.

    Uhm, no idiot. He has not had plastic surgery. In fact, before twilight (Even after harry potter), he was poor. BROKE. He had no money and he was sleeping on his agents couch. (YOUTUBE HIS INTERVIEWS). He had no money to even eat some days. The angle is just off. You’re a dumbass. You’re ignorant and you need a life. No plastic surgery.

  • Jessica

    He definitely did NOT have plastic surgery. The “befores” were just pictures of him at a younger age, right? As a boy becomes a man, his features change and become more defined. As Robert became a man, he lost the baby-ish plumpness of his face. Very typical.

  • Jasmin!*

    Not! It he has not occurred!! Only they change the order of the photos.
    It turns out that in those that it he feigns to be mas young sound photos of his her appearance in “Harry Potter”, whereas, that some kind of pale sound sees photos of his her appearance in “Twilight”.
    For his her role in “Twilight” one sees pale due to being a vampire, unlike his her appearance in “Harry Potter”, In the own(proper) movie there is denoted his her pink hot tone, I joust like in the photos.
    Everything has been a question of changing the order.

  • Adam

    people are dumb….i have taken pictures at certain angles where my face looks sculpted, and if i suck my cheeks in…and bite down….my jawline looks chizzled, and girls have looked at my picture, and have told me i was hot….and then ive taken pics where my nose looks flat, and i just look plain weird…..im an average looking guy….and how u look in a picture depends on lighting and camera angles…..it doesnt mean uve had plastic sugery

  • Mz.Wright[[Certified ToP Notch Classy B*tch]]

    he didnt have plastic surgery
    he just got older and looks
    matured…come on guys you can’t believe that
    [[y do ppl keep makin up stuff about him it has to be irritating]]

  • Taylor

    I honestly dont see the difference!!!

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  • Leila Pattinson

    Seriously!?!?!?! How stupid r u! Angles and lighting! Plus he just went from 17 to 23! Wow u peps r dum

  • Hanna

    Nahh. It’s shot from different angles, so of course it’s gonna look different. He was nice looking when he was younger, but hell he’s fit now. :)

  • http://Website karen

    ta vu il est tro mignon !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Arkansas

    Robert Pattinson looks good no matter what. I don’t think he had plastic surgery. If he did, I want to go to his surgeon since he obviously does excellent work!