Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Say Hello

Are they in bed? It’s a recent photo, his hair is short.

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  • Lety

    it’s a fake! Rob has got the same face on another pic. He’s with a fan in a pub in london. :]

  • rocajo

    No! They’re not in bed. That is a photoshoped picture. See http://perezhilton.com/category/robert-pattinson/

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  • Joanna

    ha the lengths people go to stir shit up!

  • dazz

    wow, what software did they use to make this shit up? I like!

  • marah

    does anybody know where i can find more pics of him with his new hair do, cause all the pics i get i with Nikki reed

  • http://forsakenorder.com/ Dariana

    lol… goddam photoshop!

  • lol

    it is a manip morons

  • LMAO

    guys, this is fake!

  • Courtney

    But merely a glimpse into the future.
    Watch any of their interviews…they like each other in a more than costar way.

  • Danika

    This is a manip from LiveJournal….pendejos.

  • Tracy

    Thats fake, its a manip that someone did a few weeks ago. It can be found at http://community.livejournal.com/lion_lamb/3496757.html

  • Missers

    That looks soo real, obviously its not…
    Then again if you look at the pics side by side (real&fake) like what Im doing now, you can see a little difference in Robs face.
    His hair is shaped differently.
    His head is tilted more to the side.
    You can actually see his body and everything.
    Who ever did do this really has an imagination, maybe they should watch their backs!
    I dont think that Rob and Kristen will actually start dating, even if they were both single.
    Kristen seems like the type of girl that needs a more confident man, one that isnt soo timid all the time and shy around new people.
    You can tell that she has some sort of attraction to him but I dont think that its strong enough on her part to actually have any meaning to the point where she can leave her boyfriend for him.
    I dont know why she would leave him for Rob anyway, yeah he is gorgeous but you can only do soo much with that.
    She knows the real Robert Pattinson, we dont, maybe there is a reason that she hasnt expressed any feelings towards him, maybe he isnt as great as we all think, though I doubt that, I just dont think that he is her type of guy, look at the boyfriend she has now, I think she likes smaller less attractive guys with less personality….
    Even so I can see that Rob has some sort of feelings for her…
    You can see when they are together the way he talks, walks, moves and even stares when he is around her, he is trying not to slip up, kinda walking on egg shells trying not to seem too obvious *WE CAN SEE YOU!* If she didnt have a boyfriend Im soo sure that he would have asked her out already.
    But then again Rob doesnt seem like the type of guy who is ready for or wants to be in a serious relationship, he is actually pretty immature and likes to party, have you seen all the pubs he has been in lately! GOD!
    BUT there is something there, even thought that picture is fake, it has some sort of truth to it, they look good together, maybe one day something might happen but hopefully not during the filming of all the movies, if they broke up while they were still filming it would be weird, all form of chemistry between them would be gone or maybe it would be intensified…
    Who knows but they are a great Edward and Bella, cant wait to see the rest!!!

  • tania

    This could be a picture of an ordinary couple in bed together and maybe the girl photoshopped the pic of Kristen on her face and Robert on her boyfriend’s face. I thought it was pretty cool and funny. God, kristen is sooooo gorgeousssss! That face is so “breathtakingly beautiful” as Robert himself often says in interviews. Well, it’s a good thing they’re NOT together in real life coz if her face is so breathtaking to him and they see each other all the time, he’d be sooo out of breath, he’d drop dead. LOLZ!

  • elena

    i think they are very look gooding couple’I WISH THEY WARE TOGHETER IN REAL LIFE’i think they are soul mades for eachother

  • http://ralucabeje ELENA

    they are making a very nice couple if they are togheter SO I HOPE THEY ARE

  • aksya

    Tania, I agree with you. When I saw this picture at first time I it’s really, but when I looked more carefully…There’s photoshop.

  • aksya

    Tania, I agree with you. When I saw this picture at first time I think it’s really, but looked carefully I see there’s photoshop no doubt

  • JD

    Sorry *Missers* I think ur right at some points but ur wrong about robert and kristen personalities, it’s the other way round …

    Robert is a smart confident charming type of guy. You can see how many friends (both male & female) surrounded him while he’s out partying. Camilla broke up with his best friend Tom but she remains friends with him. Well…you see the picture.

    Kristen is a very sweet & shy one, more of a loner to me. :-) She grew up in Hollywood. It’s hard to live normal in that kind of environment. True friends are rare. No matter how tough she acts I can still see how sweet she is. I don’t think she knows how pretty she is. Maybe that’s why she dates that guy in the first place, poor Kristen, to be honest, I don’t think he cares much about her. What kind of bf sit down & smoke pot with an 18 yo soon-to-be superstar in public? He’s an actor, should’ve known better about this shit. He stays only for his pride and she’s too sweet to ditch him.

    For Robert… he’s clever …more than you think. He drinks and smokes (cigarette, weed, pot.. whatever) but he’s obviously a decent kid. Seriously, have any of you ever seen him being rude to any paparazzi or interviewer? I don’t think so. He has a very close family, two sisters who he still hangs out with regularly, a dog? That means he’s a normal decent boy. He’s just trying to focus on what he really wants in life. He’s more like an artist not scientist so he doesn’t usually follow the rules.

    About the romance, I don’t know… No wonder for Robert, he wanted to ask for her number the first time they met. He adores her enough to get her a guitar for her birthday. He never once NOT paid attention to her during interview. He listened to every single word she said. He low his voice when he talked to her or mentioned her. He leaned down to meet her height in every photos they taken. He was upset every time he was spotted with Nikki Reed, her best friend who obviously fall a big time for him. How obvious is that?

    For Kristen, becuz she is shy and more to keep things to herself. It’s a bit harder to tell. She likes him, but he scares her. He’s too honest about his feelings toward her, it makes her thinks that he might not be serious. Plus she’s smart enough to figure out how he would react if she ditch a 2 yrs bf and jump into his arms. And don’t make me start with Nikki issue. It’s just too complicated for her. Too bad for Kristen.

    But who am I to say?
    Just an obsessive fan you see. :-)

  • bonbon

    i also think this’s photoshopped pic. Rob n Kristen’s face in this pic are as similar as other pics they took.

    i like Rob n Kristen being a couple now, but maybe ’cause i saw them as Edward n Bella whose have a wonderfull love, so i hope they become together in their actual life. But the truth is only they know exactly about thier feeling.

    Hoping someone stops uploading the photoshopped pics like that, ’cause i’m afraid this pic affects badly to Rob n Kristen

  • Lydia Ferrari

    Wow JD, I agree with your opinion on the Kristen and Robert personalities. What a clear picture you have. I also felt that Kristen was just not too sure of how serious Robert can be at this point in his life. Excellent call:)

  • luver

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    But love remains the same

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    Instead we’re over here….

    Half the time the world is ending
    Truth is I am done pretending
    Too much time too long defending
    You and I are done pretending
    I, oh I,
    I wish this could last forever
    I, oh I,
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    Love remains the same…Love remains the same.

  • http://none B.

    Guys ,just think with me for a second… I’ve seen the picture of them in bed and the picture that Rob is with a fan on a cafe and here’s my opinion: the picture of them in bed is on his MySpace,and the picture of them in bed seems pretty natural ,in the other hand the picture in the cafe is easier to believe in ,but when he takes pictures with fans he never stays in the way he was on that picture on the cafe,and there’s something wrong about his neck on that picture… XoXo

  • jennifer

    is he going to have short hair in new moon??

  • http://360.yahoo.com/h0n3y_luvu nessie

    this picture is not true! but i hope this true! Rob and Kris is perfect couple! I love them!

  • http://360.yahoo.com/h0n3y_luvu nessie

    Rob’s hair is so cool!

  • http://www.myspace.combiatch yo mama



    i totally agreed with the analysis done on rob and kris personalities. u are really awesome.
    i am also an obsessive fan of robsten. i think kris perhaps has some feelings that she wouldn’t want to reveal in public especially under the scutiny of the media. maybe she’s also struggling with her feelings for rob. but too bad they met at the wrong time, i dont think she would ditch her bf now. as for the future, just keep our hopes alive that robsten love will be for real one day.

  • tru

    so good to hear from you again, girl. You have such insight and wonderful articulation!
    I choose to believe your words.

    And greets to sshh#28.
    ‘Robsten’ is GOOD word! Yes. Love it.
    Nice to hear from you also.
    One can hope that someday we’ll see real pics of a Happy Couple!
    (BUT not quite like this manip -as it may be too Miley C like!)

  • http://myspace maryen

    omg, it looks like their naked in bed having sex… haha im so jealous!

  • wow!!!!!

    u’re totally right i feel kirsten is a bit shy nd unsure of robs feelings and just wants to stay with the familiar and safe b.f. but u’ve got to take risks sometime and i wish she’d take a risk on rob

  • Omg

    Can you imagine what her boyfriend thinks when he sees this, even though it’s photo shopped it looks supper real!

  • http://Google Phoenix

    i love twilight and i love the haunted air man it is supper COOOOOOOLLLLLL

  • http://Google Phoenix

    i love twilight and i love the haunted air man it is supper COOOOOOOLLLLLL

  • http://Google Phoenix