Miley Cyrus Suffers a Nipple Slip

Miley Cyrus wore a very low-cut dress, while shooting a video in Santa Clarita. Unfortunately for her, she ended up flashing her breast to the entire crew.

According to a source on set,

“Miley’s dress was so low-cut, her breast popped out in front of about 15 crew members.”

How could her stylist not prepare her — two sided tape or something?

This is not the same thing as Miley Cyrus taking provocative photos and having them stolen. This was flopping her boob out amongst co-workers — this must have been truly embarrassing for her.

[Click thumbnails for a larger view]

source: [hollywood dame]

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Cody | January 28th, 2009

Not a big deal (it was a mistake) Miley I Love you 4 eva

Valmorous | January 30th, 2009



Ryan Kraut | February 2nd, 2009

i want to see her naked

Preity Zinta | February 4th, 2009

this mite have been a mistake but i cant believe all the other pics she posed for…..she’s only a teen and what are her parents doing all this time???

Anonymous | March 6th, 2009

Pato ese

boobies | April 4th, 2009


1313 | May 5th, 2009

where is the uncensored pic?????

corrupted!!! | May 8th, 2009

miley,i luve u sooo much i jus wish i can jus…next tyme let evry one c such pics!

gotmelovinyou | May 18th, 2009

Haha no big deal… Don’t be hatin!!! lol Lotta love Miley!!!

$secret$ | May 25th, 2009

whats so wrong she cant help it. you people are a big sack of dog poop and puke…stop talking bad about her OK.rite now you people who make fun of her and talk bad about her well you people are my haters!

lovemiley | May 25th, 2009

miley is still so hot anything,anyhow i wanna see her boobs and feel it also and go uuhhhhh!!!!! with her. yeah love you miley and uuuhhhhhhhh.

meh | June 8th, 2009

15 crew members eh…I bet for every man of that crew a log of wood magically appeared on set when this happened.

dude | June 9th, 2009

damn!! u gotta get the uncensored pic of that!

miley lover | June 10th, 2009

im so in love with this girl but sh!t where r the uncencored pics

kamita | June 11th, 2009

ok this really got me when i read one of these comments to pretty zinta or sumthing 1 you dont know if her parents have done anything about it 2 stop judging on other pplz parenting skills when you dont even know how they parent their child any ways….and to the pics…..miley cant help that the dress does not keep things hidden did she pick the wardrobe…..nooo…and also stop judgin her like she the one who did it i dont think miley would purposly flash the camera and who cares about all the other pics. the other pics that she took is something a lot of teens do just to see how sexy they can look. all teens wanna do now is be sexy its a natural thing for teens they see one person do it and they wanna c if they can be any sexier. i am a teen myself there are friends of mine who do the same. did she take actual nood pics nope she had clothes on its pretty pathetic when ppl get all upset when miley poses with her tummy showin for all this time but vanessa hudgens actually posed NOOD and i havnt heard really anything about those pics since it happend im not that big of a fan of miley i dont hate her i dont dislike her i think she is a very good performer and she needs to continue her dream and all the haters out there is really just wasting their time posting rude comments about her cuz nobody cares especially not miley so get off her damn back! and get a life

Deydrie | June 14th, 2009

Poor Miley…kamita is sooo right all of you people it was a mistake…stop saying stuff about her if she would’ve know she would have worn that dress so stop…how embarrassing,and everything else kamita said is very true!

... | June 28th, 2009

rule 34 on miley.

Sam | June 30th, 2009


Kai | July 5th, 2009

Hey it’s no big deal,it was an accident and everyone makes mistakes big and small just because shes a star doesn t mean u should rub salt into the wall even more,its not like u have never made this kinda mistake or accident before.Anyway miley still looks great and she is more then beautiful i must say.xD,miley,keep doing wat u do best and wat u love to do the most,follow ur heart.xD

noname | July 15th, 2009

shes under age a uncenserd pic would be child pornography

noname | July 15th, 2009

if there was an uncencered pic it would be considered child porography shes under age

get over it | July 18th, 2009

my god i always wondered why everybody makes such a big deal about this its not like she had sex yet, i mean i know of 13 yr old and even younger that had sex and gotten pregnant because of that so if all you ppl think that what mileys been doin (taken pics of herself) is so wrong think about this “at least she didnt have sex yet” i mean she held out longer than jamie spears did right?
and some of my friends x.x

blah | July 23rd, 2009

eww…gross..this is sick! i bet miley did it on purpose to show how sexy she was…

ratu | July 26th, 2009


ratu | July 26th, 2009

but u r great

lala | August 10th, 2009

MILLY CYRUS IS A BLUDDY SKET MEANING:a skett is like a *girl* that loadza people hate..it basically means slag. instead of some one saying ‘oh my god, that girl is such a whore/slag/slut/tramp’ they would say ‘oh my god that girl is such a skett’

mony | August 15th, 2009

o well her boob poped why do they make it a big deal tha same with the pole insult

sassy | August 15th, 2009

what the heck! she so did that on purpoise! shes like one of those strippers why dont she grow up and get a life and that is comeing from a 11 year old and i all ready got a life and its not a stripper and i dont let my boob hang out she should wear a bra and im 11 and i wear one and she what 16 and dosent
shes a stuiped girl looking 4 boys in her bed

yah-man | August 17th, 2009

So where it the boob, at 0:28 or 0:50?

nobody | September 17th, 2009

u look awesome

Luds 8 | September 22nd, 2009

ohh thats new … but WHY CAN^T SEE IT?

Charlie. | September 23rd, 2009

Okay, I don’t know if ya’ll have ever riden a horse but when you do no matter how fast your going your girls are going to bounce a bit! I was riding with my friend and was wearing a low tank and all of a sudden my boob was out there saying hello. And yeah, I was wearing a bra! SHIT HAPPENS, ya’ll need to get over it.

WTF? | September 24th, 2009

dude WTF? she’s still a minor… man there is really something wrong with american society..

Anonymous | September 24th, 2009

Y did u blur it that is not right

aleeyah | September 26th, 2009

you guse shouldent say nasty stuff like that

FlixCreEightR | September 28th, 2009


g | October 2nd, 2009

dam u all who are negetive about this

frustratedguy43 | October 7th, 2009

Sex tape sex tape!(not)

come on! uncensorded pic plz?

darrius | October 10th, 2009

show your boobs

koowullah | October 21st, 2009

Miley is 16 years old. Anyone saying, they want to see her breast, or part of, should take a good look at who they are. She’s still a child, for the most part. If anything, nothing should be said about her, unless its concern, for how she’s been parented, and what she is doing now. At her age, she should be in school, not pimping her shit, in front of thousands. Pole dancing? Her father, ought to have child services on his ass, asking and checking out why, he see’s no wrong, in allowing her to conduct her self this way. Miley, sets all the wrong examples, and they all come from how, her father has raised her. Condone-ing her actions, by doing, is only stating, that he cares nothing for her well-being. He’s raised her wrong.

mukul | November 4th, 2009

i love ur body it is to sexey

shakshi | November 13th, 2009

we love ew miley in india u hav 1loadz of fans who love ew..:)

jessica | November 15th, 2009

well what can i say she did a mistakes everyone makes mistakes she don’t have a nice body so why evan bother her, bt she is o.k well i think next time she nedds to be more careful with the carameras people.

Sel | November 16th, 2009

girl… whats wrong with you. Check to see if he shirt might do that before wearing it out it public.

nakia | November 17th, 2009


nakia | November 17th, 2009

next time be careful ok miley SAVE it for your lover, OK THAT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

unkmown | November 30th, 2009

you are great miley you boobs is very sexy i want 2 feel it . oh yeah

Anonymous | November 30th, 2009

i say she lets it all hang out for once just get it over with just flash ur NICE boobs and and up skirt and itll be talked about for like a week then be over like i said i think thats the way to go for her

Anonymous | December 29th, 2009

dam stupid website nothing to see

Allie | December 29th, 2009

Re: Anonymous – “dam stupid website nothing to see”… nor will you, until she’s 18.

diana | January 10th, 2010

oh i love miley is the best

miley really | January 10th, 2010

oh thnx

joy | February 17th, 2010

disappointed for not seeing in naked

yoself | March 31st, 2010

in canada you can take your shirt off and express them if you like, it,s an equeal law for both men and women who yhe hell cares about sarah palin

Amy | June 22nd, 2010

Wow okay, I just saw the actual picture uncensored and it doesn’t show her nipple. The dress never actually goes all the way down and her hair is in the way. Plus it’s really blurry. They just censored it to make it look bad.
Here is the actual picture:

daniel | August 1st, 2010

i wish her nipple slip could’ve been seen cause i love to see tits…i am a tit lover.

gayathri | October 1st, 2010

she’s sexy