Miley Cyrus Suffers a Nipple Slip

Miley Cyrus wore a very low-cut dress, while shooting a video in Santa Clarita. Unfortunately for her, she ended up flashing her breast to the entire crew.

According to a source on set,

“Miley’s dress was so low-cut, her breast popped out in front of about 15 crew members.”

How could her stylist not prepare her — two sided tape or something?

This is not the same thing as Miley Cyrus taking provocative photos and having them stolen. This was flopping her boob out amongst co-workers — this must have been truly embarrassing for her.

[Click thumbnails for a larger view]

source: [hollywood dame]

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  • http://diana-1@live.com diana

    oh i love miley is the best

  • http://miley miley really

    oh thnx

  • http://Website joy

    disappointed for not seeing in naked

  • http://Website yoself

    in canada you can take your shirt off and express them if you like, it,s an equeal law for both men and women who yhe hell cares about sarah palin

  • Amy

    Wow okay, I just saw the actual picture uncensored and it doesn’t show her nipple. The dress never actually goes all the way down and her hair is in the way. Plus it’s really blurry. They just censored it to make it look bad.
    Here is the actual picture:

  • http://yahoo daniel

    i wish her nipple slip could’ve been seen cause i love to see tits…i am a tit lover.

  • http://Website gayathri

    she’s sexy