Miley Cyrus Side Boob Shot

I really shouldn’t be posting these Miley Cyrus side boob pictures, but then again, the paparazzi shouldn’t have taken them.

That being said, I don’t think they’re as bad as those Ali Lohan cleavage pictures.

No doubt, you wear a halter top that is two sizes two large, your boob is going to flop out!

source: [egotastic]

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  • jt

    What is so bad about the Ali pics? there is much more jailbait boobage in miley’s exposure. Ali is just wearing a pretty dress and youre staring at her boobs. With miley, you can’t not stare at her jailbait perky & wonderful boob

  • Grassy

    The Miley boob thing is way inappropriate, but then again I have come to expect stuff like that from her. But if it was anyone else… yeah, totally inappropriate.

  • http://allieiswierd myob

    wow these papparazis can go lick ass in another article the said they were trying to take pics of her chaniging and they had to kick them out of the store

  • http://mileycyrus fuk-u

    i think the photographers just sat ther waiting for her to make a mistake an when she did you got her i mean no ones perfect

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  • d-rock

    people need to just leave her the hell alone. i’m with fuk-u on this. they just sit around waiting for something to happen they can blow out of proportion

  • adam

    ali is an ugly lookin girl… no epxpression and no life in her pictures.

  • elisia

    she needs to wear a bra

  • Austin

    I love it, not that im a perve

  • ashley renee

    wow girl keep control of yo boobs i do

  • Jim

    How could she not know? I think this, with the recent bikini in the bahama pics were planned. She’s showing it off. She knows she has it, and it’s getting better with age, and her pr rep probably suggested it. All pub is good pub. Esp for teenage boys and some perverted older men.

  • Dustin

    Whoa… I’m speechless. That’s just wrong I hope they got permission. LOL.

  • kylie

    it wasnt miley’s fault the paporazzi took pics of her boobs! she’s a good person.

  • http://NONE Mely

    Look Miley needs to watch what she wears, next time we might see her only wearing a g-string She is a nut head KOO KOO Crazy.
    So Miley ur a Pancake.
    Miley broke poor nick jonas ‘s heart

  • Evette

    She was trying on the shirt and the paps took a bad picture. They even have a video of her shopping and going into the dressing room and coming out with the shirt on. So SHUT UP. Learn facts BEFORE u speak!

  • ur face.

    boob. no nipple

  • austin

    thats hot
    i want to scweez thoose boobs

  • haha

    i want to see the whole thing next time

  • boob lover

    i want to see the whole thing next time

  • mike

    the pic on the right is different then the one on the left. if you look at the pic on the left her back meets a white part of her shirt and purple on the right. and her shirt on the left pic has a white boarder on the shit and its not there on the right pic

  • http://none lolz???

    mike u r right! but there prob not same shirt

  • http://gogle raind

    this is the most weirdest thing i`m not really raind but i`m her bro and i just have to say that i loved that picture of you when yuor boob popped out of your top

  • o-s

    Holy shit you ppl need a life.

    sqeeze those LOL
    paparatzee have nothing better to do but hey this shit sells its sad but true

  • http://gogle raind

    i had changed my mind this is very nasty like what if a little kid found this website and desited to look at i mean that just wrong.next time you need put something under that dress.did your father really let you wear that

  • boy

    leave her alone

  • http://Website fuk

    i luv her boobs

  • http://Website Dean

    yeeh miley you relly should send a pic of you tottal naked

  • http://Website Wiseguy

    You idiots need to learn how to spell.

  • Blaine

    Ppl like this piss me the f**k off. Get a real Fuc**ng job instead of taking pic’s of little girls. Whoever had taken this picture should really be considered of maybe spending the day in jail or getting in some kind of trouble for publishing this. PERVERT!!!!!!!!

  • Malcolm X

    It’s funny because there’s nothing there!

  • bishplease

    She look prego in the pick on the left? Wtf r people making a big deal with these half ass pics people posting?She old enuff to do what she likes,and if she likes wearing clevage showing outfits well,clevage shows up!She’s a sexy young woman and knows it!when she’s 18 these pics will be nothing,shell prolly have a sex tape!

  • http://bglyggy derek

    oh i like that i would like to have sex with you

  • http://Website ted

    does everyone forget that she was 16 in this photo. would you let your 16 year old daughter go out like that. i but she would be very popular with guys.