Katy Perry Nude Photos – See Here!

Katy Perry has taken a nude photo of herself, possibly as an attempt to snag herself a new man?

After her and Gym Class Heroes singer Travis McCoy broke up, I’m thinking that it’s possible that Miss Perry wants to show off her ladybits to entice another man (or girl?) into her lair.

Don’t be fooled, it’s a mess in there.

[Gone Hollywood]

NSFW uncensored photo is after the jump.

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  • http://Website Name

    gonna have a quick tommy tank over it just incase it is her!

  • http://Website john paul

    whooo sexy

  • http://Website jay

    i got 4 photos of her all nude

  • http://Website KatyPro

    Who ever believes that this is Katy Perry may die! This is so obvious, she doesn’t even look like Katy at all!

  • http://Website atika

    This chick is WAY WAY WAY hotter than Katy Perry. Well at least the body is.

  • http://Website Amy

    You have. Big boobs and a harry ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website jim

    katy perry isnt that much of a slut to post a picture of herself on the web. why wuold she risk her career like that ye retards

  • http://Google Vekho

    Waaaoow…. Watz next?? Muah..:*


    I like ketty so much. her smile is so awesome.

  • http://no no

    Oh yeah the bathroom thing, if you have a picture of you not taken in a place it looks like you should be its not you apparently