Celebrities Who Twitter

Twitter is quickly becoming the most talked about social Site on the Web. Even your mom knows about Twitter.

But now, we have an answer: it’s to keep track of super hot celebrities without risk of getting slapped with a restraining order! Hooray!

So to help get you started, we’ve put together a list of all the hottest Twitter-using celebs, with links to their (real) Twitter pages.

Kristen Stewart – Twitter ID: Kbitch

With films like Panic Room, Zathura and Twilight already under her belt, 18-year-old Kristen Stewart has had more success in Hollywood in a few short years than most actors do in an entire lifetime.

Best Tweet: “f*ck my life, i want some privacy. OKAY?”

Brooke Hogan – Twitter ID: BrookeHogan

Usually we’re not the biggest fans of Brooke Hogan, being that she’s somewhat of a retarded hosebeast.

Best Tweet: “I really hate Hulkamaniacs..They are so dumb”

Nikki Reed – Twitter ID: itsnikkibitch

First landing on the scene after her landing a role in Thirteen and Lords of Dogtown, Nikki Reed recently shot to the top of the celebrity charts with her role in Twilight.

Best Tweet: “found photos of rob & i from yesterday. good thing you stayed at home or you would have had a meltdown”– in reply to Kbitch’s tweet, “back off my man BITCH!”

Vanessa Hudgens – Twitter ID: VanessaHudgens

Vanessa Hudgens is one of many jailbait stars to come out of the Disney machine, gaining most of her fame from her role in the High School Musical TV show and films. Oh yeah, and she washes her face with a vibrator.

Best Tweet: “Washing my face with Neutrogena and going to bed! night!”

Mischa Barton – Twitter ID: MischaBarton

Mischa Barton may not be the busiest actress in Hollywood at the moment, so she has lots of time to Twitter. And now we can follow her every move!

Best Tweet: “I’m so clueless as to what this is. Help? :-)”

Sophia Bush – Twitter ID: SophiaBush

Best known for her role as “Brooke Davis” on CW’s One Tree Hill, Sophia Bush amped-up her celebrity status with her role in The Hitcher. And she’s appeared on pretty much ever “Hottest Chick in the World” list since anyone knew who she was.

Best Tweet: Unfortunately, Sophia’s is set to private. But send her a request and cross your fingers.

Solange Knowles – Twitter ID: solangeknowles

Kid sister of bangin’ beauty, Beyoncé, Solange started in the music scene at age 16, and has already released two albums and been featured on tracks with Lil Romeo and (of course) Destiny’s Child. Remember them? Us either…

Best Tweet: “Drinking wine and eating takeout with Estelle…While we talk about shoe games….. Nice”

Emma Watson – Twitter ID: mwtsnx

Emma Watson is best known for her role in the Harry Potter film series, but this French-born British actress is on pretty much every dude’s list for chicks that should get sexy ASAP. Luckily, she’s 18 now, so that’s at least a move in the right direction.

Best Tweet: Who knows? This one’s set to private. But send her a request and cross your fingers.

Taylor Swift – Twitter ID: tayswift

Sexy, blond and not anywhere close to white trash (anymore), Taylor Swift is the super hot sweetheart of country music. And that’s OK by us.

Best Tweet: “in my dressing room!! so ready for TRL!!!”

Rachel Bilson – Twitter ID: rachel_bilson

Since Rachel Bilson landed on the scene as The O.C.’s “Summer Roberts,” we’ve had a thing for this 27-year-old brunette beauty. You might also be interested to know that her mother is a sex therapist. And as far as we can tell, that can only be a good thing.

Best Tweet: “shopping! shhhhhh”

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Twicrack Addict | January 16th, 2009

Does Robert Pattinson have a Twitter account too? I think he could…


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Anonymous | April 13th, 2009

Taylor Swift’s is taylorswift13, actually

n | April 25th, 2009

Vanessa Hudgens told E news she does not have a twitter.


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Mackenzie | June 19th, 2009

Nikki Reed, and Taylor Swifts twitter has either been deleted or blocked. And Kristen Stewart’s has a different name but its all about her and is the only one listed smilier. search it

Courtney | June 20th, 2009

Correction, TaylorSwift13 is Taylor Swifts

dina marie | December 11th, 2009

Ok.But you knw this ain`t lkie nothing,well.Britney Spears,Taylor Swift Just see,you.