Taylor Swift Childhood Photos – Not the Cutest Kid

Taylor Swift revealed to the Reading Eagle that she was picked on as a kid,

“I didn’t have friends. No one talked to me. I used to go to the Wyndcroft School (nationally recognized for academic excellence) in Pottstown, and when I moved to Wyomissing, I didn’t know anybody.”

She got through the day knowing that when she went home, she could write poems and songs in her diary.

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  • http://n/a sam n.

    hey ts!! i LLLLUUUUVVVV ur music and ur voice and everything about u!!u rock just the way u r.:)

  • delaney

    u r awesome. dont let anybody tell u 2 change. u rock!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com katie

    wow!Taylor’s cute!!!shes pretty!!!!i want to see her in person!!shes my idol my classmates and i always talk about her!!!!!i wish i could sing with her on stage..

  • http://something Syd Rae

    I have always been picked on. And I still do to this very day, I have some church friends, but at school I am a nothing.I can’t ever imagine my self being such an amazing person like you. Don’t listen to any of the mean comments,NONE OF THEM ARE TRUE!!!
    Keep following your dreams Taylor :D

  • http://none.com none

    i hate how people pick on the new kid trust me iknow the feeling

  • SeXy_ChIcK ;)

    Omfg!!!!!!!!! She was not a cute girl when she was younger. I mean she isnt pretty but at laest she is a lil better from when she was a kid. I feel really bad for her!! Sorry Taylor. Wow. I cant see what Taylor Lautner sees in her. That girl is just pittaful!!!!! Taylor Swift if u really want to take someones advice dont take Jessicas. cause that is a horrible picture no offense but it is you look horrible!!!!!!!!!

  • Not telling

    OMG Taylor! You know what I wanna say right now?! You are the ugliest girl I’ve ever seen! What’s up with your eyes?! I like blue eyes but yours are so SMALL! The only reason ur pretty now is bcuz u put too much make up on! I like ur songs though. Stop singing love songs! GET OVER JOE JONAS HES NOT WORTH IT!! HES A STUPID UGLY IDIOT AND SINCE UR PRETTY NOW, U 2 DONT MATCH! IF U LOOKED LIKE HOW U DID WHEN U WERE LITTLE THAT WOULD WORK! WORLD’S UGLIEST COUPLE NO OFFENCE! Thats the truth! U really r pretty now and luv ur songs!!!

  • Anonymous

    your picture of a kid is awsome


    You so look different!LOL…………..my friend said that you are the ugliest girl she has ever seen when you were a little girl…………….

  • http://GOOGLE Carrigan


  • http://GOOGLE Brooke

    one word UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL………….PS.you look like a STANKY dipper!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website Rosie

    Taylor I have the same problem as yours. everyone at school hates me. im a new student there. they hate me so much. everyone teases me. in sports nobody wants me in their team. they say rosie you can be the referee. nobody plays with me at lunch and recess. some times i go in the toilets and hide there till bell rings. There’s another new girl in the class, and every one likes her even the boys wants to hang around with her every time. all the girls like her. some of these girls have a club in our classroom. and they put the new girl in their club and left me out. one day when we were playing volley ball a girl pushed me and started calling me a loser and a bitch and pinched me to get the ball off me. I ran to the toilets and started crying. i washed my face. the leader of the club in our class came up to me and promised me that now i’ll play with them only at recess and lunch. and thje nxt day she forgot her promise and didn’t even ask me to play with her. everyone at my new school is just so mean to me. I was very famous and filled with attitude at my old school. The hate me so much that they don’t leave a single chance of teasing me. And if i get a certificate or teacher says a good comment about me they get very jealous.
    yeah so that’s the whole story. I don’t know what to do. please give me some advice
    - Rosie

  • http://Website Name


  • http://akshara reji akshara

    really….. yu ar my favourite singer and i have all yur songs. even my friends love yu toooooooo
    yu ar pretty and cool, i luv yu like that much………………… plz i want to meet yu before i dies

  • http://a akshara

    yu have a heart feeling songs that i loves. yu

  • http://kesha_cyrus@yahoo.com reji akshara

    hey taylor i luv yu l;ike my sister and friend plz come close tu me and say yu like me ………… i and my friends ar crazier. Iam there in face book yu can contact me …………….. Iluv yur hair plz try for me also ………………..do nt be sad of that girls who spoke yu bad there ar idiot nonscence of cracs, I am good tu yu ……bye see yu ….

  • Pippa Morgan

    Taylor swift, u r my role model and i want to be like u wen i grow up cuz i think u see good in everyone and i cant believe people made fun of u cuz ur pretty funny and talented AND u were cute wen u were young! if i was in ur school id be frends in like ONE SECOND!!!!!!!!

  • http://Website hannah

    your songs make every one feel free!!!!!!!!!!!!!They do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://yahooooo gisel

    i like her frst pic but not the othr one

  • http://Website Name

    hi taylor,
    i love your songs and i want to see you by the way i am marielle

    love yahh!!!!!

  • http://Website zyra

    i like ur songs,so be great

  • http://Website zyra

    hai tylor,,its meh zyra from philippines,and i want 2 see u someday,,,,,,take care alwayz,,,,,,,,,,,,,and i luv u very much,,,,,

  • http://google jahnvi

    i like you taylor swift. I am the biggest fan of yours. please be my friend in hi5 amy id is jahnvisubba@hi5.co.in. i am 10 years old and iam from india. Ilove you my friend and sister

  • http://maplestory Jack

    HI Taylor swift my name is Jack and i am 9 years old.I REALLY WANNA SEE YOU!!!!!! Well hows life?i love all ur songs!BYE BYE

  • http://maplestory Andy

    Hi im Andy and im ur biggest FAN i love ur songs and i hope id see you some times

  • http://Website Mimi Jamilah

    Taylor you are so cute when you are kids..That why when you grow up you become the most beautiful lady in the world..Ilove you taylor so much….

  • http://Website Mimi Jamilah

    Taylor you dont have to shy with your self.Now everyone love you..just proud to be yourself.I love you very-very much…

  • http://Beaty Abigail

    SHE IS NOT UGLY!!!She just is only 11 in this pic!!You where chubby too!!And,I am 11,so back up,here song’s rox,and you hater’s are loser’s.And so immature.

  • http://Website Mell

    hi taylor,
    i dun noe if u really read these comments, but if u do, i want 2 tell u how much i think u roc! u’r songs r so cool! hope 2 c u sum day.

  • http://Website Mell

    o yea,
    dun lisin 2 the peple hoo say u ugly. u r prity. luv u!

  • http://Website Mell

    o yea,
    dun lisin 2 thos hoo say u r ugly cuz u r prity. maybe looz sum make-up (eye shado), but i think u r ok.

  • http://Website Austin

    Aww cant belive people where mean to u ur nice and pretty person.


  • Ts’eh(Tessa)

    Hey really dont listen to the people who say you were ugly. Because they are a bunch of big jerks! They are idiots and dont care about your feelings.I am a big fan my favorite song is the other side of the door on the fearless platinum edition CD! I am your BIGGEST fan! I absolutly love you and your music!You were one of the cutest little girls i have ever seen!
    —Go Team Alice

  • http://Website sallty

    she is not the worst kid. i think she was cind of pretty

  • http://www.facebook.com sarah

    This pic shows that not only BLACK/negros can only wear braids and look pretty . Shes not pretty shes beautiful this is not ugly shes beautiful i think and if you dont think so you MUST be ugly because your just jelous i think if she went in a beauty pagent she would win 1st. place. she looks good in braid black/negros look pretty kinda too but not like her because most black/negros hav FAKE hair that is why they look pretty NOTT
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    ok taylor my name is isabella alice le luhandre ur not my biggest fan but wat the hell im girll and i get bulled all the time im never left alone i no how u feell but i dont think i can sing but i get bullyed coz i can sing says my familyy so im 12 … and that guy who sed will u marry me dont marry himm!

  • http://Website Anonymous


  • http://Website Annoyed with celebs

    Dudes, seriously? My life sucks and sucked boo the fuck who, wuantwuantwuant! People get their feelings hurt everyday, chicky try going to rape abuse prostitution slavery and bs so stop crying glad u made ur success but ur getting picked on is nothing to cry bout. Its lonely and cruel but there’s no much worse. Sorry if that sounds inconsiderate but its true. Eminem’s story 8mile is something he can complain bout ur gettin teased isnt

  • ERIN:)

    hey i know this is at the bottem of the list you probably won’t see it but those people just said that stuff about you becouse they know you are better than them .:)s(:

  • http://Website lauren

    heyyy omgg i luvvvv u babbbbbbyy!!! <333

  • http://www.allieisweird.com person


  • http://allieiswired.com TaylorSwiftRocks!

    OMG TAYLOR SWIFT! you should never let them bring you down. They are only words! And besides, all those people are:1. BLINDED BY YOUR SHEER BEAUTY, 2.ARE REALLY, REALLY, WEIRD. or3.SOMTHING IS BOTHERING THEM.omg, also, on ur bday, we made a cake with the words “Happy Birthday To Taylor!!” Instead of happy birthday as a song, we sang”my faith in you was fading when I met you on the outskirts of town and I said,Romeo save me ive been feeling so alone, I keep waiting for you but you never come is it in my head I don’t know what to think he knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said, marry me Juliet, you’ll never have to be alone, I love you and that’s all I really know, i talked to your dad you’ll pick out a white dress, its a love story, baby just say yes.”

  • http://allieiswierd.com TaylorSwiftRocks!

    Brooke, Carrigan, Not telling, and sexy chick, Im going to say this once, and calmly…WHAT THE CRAP IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?! YOU CRAZY, NO GOOD, PHYCOPATHIC LOSERS, THIS IS TAYLOR SWIFT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! IF I SAW HOW UGLY YOUR SORRY FACES LOOKED, I WOULD TOTALLY DOUBT IF U GUYS SHOULD EVEN B TALKING! *smacks forehead* idiots! Well, got tht outta my system….TAYLOR SWIFT IS AWESOME!!!

  • http://m.allieiswired.com/archives/2008/12/taylor-swift-childhood-photos-not-the-cutest-kid/ Hannah

    Ommgg you r so cute and now u r preetty and an excellent singer I’m so jelly :) !

  • http://allieisweird amy

    I think they look the same because the hair looks like the hat on topand the wavey hair on the sides.The smiles look the same. she looks so cute. I wish I was her. :)