More Robert Pattinson Haircut Hotness!

Yesterday, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed were spotted trying to stuff his small Audi convertible with large packing boxes in Hollywood.

I’m still lovin’ that sexy haircut! He’s still bite-worthy, don’t you think?

[Click thumbnails for a larger view - you can see his scalp-ha!]


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SHA! | December 21st, 2008

Roberta, I think u got a crush on your name sake there :P SHA! – and Nikki Reed is making her dreams come true!

Bricks and Stones Gossip | December 21st, 2008

[...] Robert Pattinson Haircut Hotness! Allie is Wired [...]

bella | December 21st, 2008

OH MY GOSH!!!! i like your hair robert…..u look hotter….i love you!!!

sgouyez | December 22nd, 2008

absolutely luvin it . he is still very much bitable. he looks sooooo HOT. Yummy. cant wait for new moon :)

Vhee | December 22nd, 2008

it seems many fanz r still dreamy over Rpattz with or without his signature golden beautiful hair means that he has become the brad pitt of this generation. i for one love him with or without hair as long as he keeps being humble and sexy. he doesn’t even have to do anything and im still finding myself obsessed with the hottie. among many other millions of fan girls all over the world!!! but seriously, he’s a very grounded and down to earth kind of celebrity which only makes the guy more attractive! whatever his reasons, hes still my perfect and one and only edward!!!

[...] Robert Pattinson cut that shit off his head that he called hair- Allie Is Wired [...]

apt insider | December 22nd, 2008

I live in the complex Rob lived in and that chick Nikki was a frequent guest, I think they’re dating.

pau... | December 22nd, 2008

he is s0o0o0o cuiteee…..
ii l0oveeee himm
0o0h.. nd also i looove chace crawfordd
he r0o0ocks

I HATE ROBERT PATRISON | December 22nd, 2008

now he is
even ugly then be for!
what a fag!

from an twilight hater

Josie | December 22nd, 2008

ooo lala robert is looking faaayyn
but nikki should totally hook up with kellan lol

Sian | December 22nd, 2008

He was hot before with the messy look, but this is SEXY!! This is Sexy Scruff Stuff look!!! HaaHaa xx

[...] Allie is Wired has some pics of Rob and Nikki stuffing some rather large moving boxes into a car. I don’t usually like paparazzi pictures because it’s an invasion of the actor’s privacy, but these pictures include Rob’s new haircut =). See them here. [...]

rebekah | December 22nd, 2008

luving the hair cut rob, sigh i really wish i could spend the day with u like nikki , dude if ur in hollywood there , arnt u coming back here to england for christmas??

melissa | December 22nd, 2008

WOW His hair looks great and he is still hot in my book and see how those jeans fit just want to eat him up.

lauren | December 22nd, 2008

omfg he looks sooo hott…like a young brad pitt

mmm | December 22nd, 2008

yaaa he’s still sexyxyyy but… not as hot as he used to be with his long bronze locks… i think its just too short. i don’t think its gonna grow back to its original size in time for new moon summit must be pisseddddd

cs | December 22nd, 2008

‘The Brad Pitt of this generation’??!!

You’ve got to be joking.

At least Robert looks more like a man now, but Brad Pitt has perfect, even features, and Robert Pattinson is just an average guy who got a role that’s convinced people he’s gorgeous.

He’s not. He’s a nice enough guy, but once Twilight fades in a year or two, so will he.

Ashley G | December 22nd, 2008

Yeah he looks amazing still, of course.
no matter what he does hes gonna be gorgeous.
but really i dont wanna like him that much anymore,
haha but only cause he wants his girl to hate him from the beginning.
oh and to any rob haters, you really suck.

stephanie M | December 23rd, 2008

he looks really really hotttttt

[...] Fotos do site Allie Is Wired [...]

[...] an entertainment blog, has some new pics of Rob & Nikki Reed out and about in Hollywood. Click here to see them. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed about this! Category: Twilight News You can [...]

Minh Thu | December 23rd, 2008

He is so yummy!

stephanie | December 23rd, 2008

Rob looks ok i mean his hair just doesn`t really suit him im not a hater but im not obsessed with him either yet I liked his hair before either way he has his own way of being SEXY!!!

jaimee | December 23rd, 2008

Thank God! Never thought it possible for ANYONE to look better sporting Brad Pitt’s doo than Brad. Rob, I’m so relieved that you’ve finally come to your senses by loosing those dreadfully greasy-looking locks! Pleeease, for the sake of women lucky enough to get within a 3 meter radius, consider taking the extra 20 seconds it will now take to wash your hair! The notion that you gave off an odor equivalent to livestock, takes at least 5 points off your sex appeal score. It also has me wondering about your approach to dental hygiene? Do Kristen a favour -spare her sinuses during the next 3-4 years of filming, OK?

Anon | December 23rd, 2008

Get over yourselves, people. He’s just an actor, not fucking Edward Sparklepants.

Sydney | December 23rd, 2008

Okay… i understand that he did cut off his sexy hair, but he still looks really hot with a hair cut. I cannot wait for New Moon! And Midnight Sun To come out! Keep Loving Robert!! <3

Madison | December 23rd, 2008

I love Roberts hair cut I dont know why but I think it makes him look more British

adeline | December 23rd, 2008

why is he hanging out with nikki reed still, twilights over, they should peace out on each other. of course im talking out of pure rage at the moment and the fact that my husband is hanging out with another woman just completely drives me insane. of course good thing hes MINE. yes i know, im legit crazy

Caity. | December 24th, 2008

No…the wild hair is gone o.O

Samantha | December 24th, 2008

I LOVE HIMM!!! his hair was amazing b4!! but its still amazingly gorgeous!! <33

gena | December 24th, 2008

brad is and always look better
but robert is also great w/ his new haircut
maybe he is the brad in this generation
love the hair though

keri | December 24th, 2008

his hair looks good its not as greasy then it was. but he looked way hotter with his hair longer,

uchileiy | December 25th, 2008

this do is much better compared to his hair in twilight =]

Pauley Sommer | December 25th, 2008

Okay they look like they are just buds. so get over it and move on.

name | December 27th, 2008

thats hot(:

Zoe | December 30th, 2008

what will he do for ‘New Moon’??!!
his hair that Edward Cullen had was
soooooooooo beautiful!!!

Chelsea | December 30th, 2008

As much as i love rob and think that his haircut is pretty hot…i am still really hoping that it grows back in time for new moon…
it just wouldnt be the same edward with short hair.

I think its funny how he’s trying to fit the boxes into his convertable. I wonder what they’re for…

Chelsea | December 30th, 2008

Also, did you know that he never washes his hair… how unhygenic.
He confessed in an interview i saw…i cant remember which one.
He rarely washes either which is very gross…

megs2129 | January 1st, 2009

i love his hair like this but everyone who saying “whats he gonna do for new moon?!” ITS HAIR. NEW MOON IS IN ALMOST A YEAR. HAIR GROWS BACK. take a step back and breath! the weight of the world is not carried on rpattz’s hair.

and lol anyone who watches scrubs, BOX SEX!

Jazzypop | January 1st, 2009

They are shooting new moon in Febuary so i dont think that his hair will grow back, nd they will probally put a wig on him or just leave it.

Shannon | January 2nd, 2009

Love it(:

penguinslovely; beccamae. | January 2nd, 2009

k omg,
to all of you people saying ‘what will they do for edward’s hair?’
k, it’s not in a year, they start filming in march,
but there’s this little thing called a wig?
or extensions?
calm down people.
but i love his new do,
as well as the old one.

Tes | January 3rd, 2009

He looks sexy with anything! I like his old, messy haircut the best though. I think it makes the perfect shape of his face come out more. His most attractive “qualities” is how mysterious he seems to be….even in real life. And he’s a very down-to-earth person, which makes his hair look like the last thing to worry about.

kristen | January 4th, 2009

all of you suck! Robert looks sexy in any haircut and he’s mine! oh and my name is really kristen im not kristen stewart but im kristen so..

Allie | January 5th, 2009

awww i love rob pattinson!
he’s so funny, humble, down-to-earth and sexy !
and the fact he is so unaware of it makes him even more attractive!!!!!
all of his interviews are absolutely hilarious!!
they always leave me in hysterics!
im in love ………

the real mrs.cullen | January 6th, 2009

ome!!!! i cant beleive that he cut his hair but he still looks sexiii!! it takes off the distraction and makes his face stand out!

Robert Pattison | January 10th, 2009

Back off! It will grow back!!!

emily | January 16th, 2009

i LOVED his old hair nooooooo!! (sob) oh well he still looks HOTT

Brooke | January 17th, 2009

my name is brooke Gingras and i’m 15 year old

[...] an entertainment blog, has some new pics of Rob & Nikki Reed out and about in Hollywood. Click here to see them. Thanks to everyone who e-mailed about this!original article [...]

Lisaa | January 20th, 2009

It’s only hair.Calm down people.Robert Pattinson is human, he only cut it off because of crazed fans like most of you that obsessed over it!

They can put a wig on him, or they might just leave it!!!!

maddy | January 30th, 2009

i like the books
the movie was alwful
the people that were edward and bella where so NOT perfect far from it
robert my dog’s ass is hotter than you face

aimee | February 3rd, 2009

i think robert pattinson iss truly amazing! hes a superb actor, in ever part he plays my favourite would be twilight where he plays edward, he also likes the same stuff as me i enjoy playing piano and guitar and i would love, infact it is my dream to be an actress and i hope one day i will make it! and robert pattinson is drop dead gorgeous, no matter how he has his hair , hes still great in what he does:)xx

teenie | February 10th, 2009

he is sooo hot it is not even funey, some times i miss his old hair but i like it new hair to much so times i love his hair so much but i love his hair

emily | February 10th, 2009

omfg u called robert what u hor dont eva call him that again he is hot and me dreama

Chris | February 13th, 2009

I don’t think they look cute together. Nikki Reed looks older than Rob. But whatever works for them. Rob looks better with this new hair cut. Look fresh and of course, hotter! lol

isebella | February 19th, 2009

I think rob is sexy <3 and if rob is reading this he is hot!!! and i have never changed my mind, and i don’t plan on changing my mind any time soon,so all you people who hate rob Kristen or twilight, stop looking at pictures or videos\, and leave twilight lovers alone!!! YOU DIS TWILIGHT-TWILIGHT LOVERS SEE-AND WE GET DISSED BECUZZ WE LOVE TWILIGHT-SO LEAVE TWILIGHT LOVERS AND TWILIGHT ALONE!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT<3<3<3!!!!

Lizzy | March 12th, 2009

He looks my grade 5 teacher now…

jenny | March 24th, 2009

i think rob looks great. but i love the long locks better than the new but we all change our looks and he is human after all. also, about the book and the movie, the book was wonderful, the movie was good. but it was wonderful.

Anonymous | March 25th, 2009

hes sexy

Anonymous | March 28th, 2009

he is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot! he looks great no matter what :)

JoJo | March 28th, 2009

he is soooooo hot and i think he looks amazing no matter what even though he’s not photogenic :)

ur moma | April 2nd, 2009

danm your ugly
he is not fine any more
why dont he just shave it off
he is not hand some any more
i wonder how bella takes it

Christynne | April 12th, 2009

first looks are not everything, but Robert is hot.Next it is his body to do with as he wants-he is still hot.Last it is just hair it will grow back in time for New Moon so EDWARD will be okay-he is still hot ,but there is more to him then just looks and you don’t have to know him to know that so get past the looks.Oh and if you don’t like his looks don’t bad mouth him just get over it you don’t know him if you don’t like his ways when he is being Robert and not someone in a movie don’t watch him.If you don’t like his acting don’t watch his movies.No need to bad mouth others if you know them or not.It just makes you the smaller person.Just to tell you something true.Good bye.

diana | June 10th, 2009

hola soy de argentina me encanto tu ultima peli!
sensacional el personaje divino quede enamorada!!

Liza Jitanita | January 11th, 2010

El Eslomejor Que Hay LO Amo
Es El Mejor Que Hay Rober Te Amo

lover girl | June 26th, 2010

robert is sooooooooo fine and i love him with all my heart.and i wanna merry him. and for all of oyu who hate robert you are just jealous because you know he looks better than all of you. and you want to be just like him. rob will always look hot what he wears or HOW HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE.

Catherine | September 28th, 2010

wow Rob is so sweet and so damn hot