More Robert Pattinson Haircut Hotness!

Yesterday, Twilight hottie Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed were spotted trying to stuff his small Audi convertible with large packing boxes in Hollywood.

I’m still lovin’ that sexy haircut! He’s still bite-worthy, don’t you think?

[Click thumbnails for a larger view - you can see his scalp-ha!]


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  • Lisaa

    It’s only hair.Calm down people.Robert Pattinson is human, he only cut it off because of crazed fans like most of you that obsessed over it!
    Honestly,ONLY HAIR. it WILL GROW BACK!

    They can put a wig on him, or they might just leave it!!!!

  • maddy

    i like the books
    the movie was alwful
    the people that were edward and bella where so NOT perfect far from it
    robert my dog’s ass is hotter than you face

  • aimee

    i think robert pattinson iss truly amazing! hes a superb actor, in ever part he plays my favourite would be twilight where he plays edward, he also likes the same stuff as me i enjoy playing piano and guitar and i would love, infact it is my dream to be an actress and i hope one day i will make it! and robert pattinson is drop dead gorgeous, no matter how he has his hair , hes still great in what he does:)xx

  • http://allieiswired teenie

    he is sooo hot it is not even funey, some times i miss his old hair but i like it new hair to much so times i love his hair so much but i love his hair

  • http://allieiswired.com emily

    omfg u called robert what u hor dont eva call him that again he is hot and me dreama

  • Chris

    I don’t think they look cute together. Nikki Reed looks older than Rob. But whatever works for them. Rob looks better with this new hair cut. Look fresh and of course, hotter! lol

  • http://allieiswired isebella

    I think rob is sexy <3 and if rob is reading this he is hot!!! and i have never changed my mind, and i don’t plan on changing my mind any time soon,so all you people who hate rob Kristen or twilight, stop looking at pictures or videos\, and leave twilight lovers alone!!! YOU DIS TWILIGHT-TWILIGHT LOVERS SEE-AND WE GET DISSED BECUZZ WE LOVE TWILIGHT-SO LEAVE TWILIGHT LOVERS AND TWILIGHT ALONE!!!!!! I LOVE TWILIGHT<3<3<3!!!!

  • Lizzy

    He looks my grade 5 teacher now…

  • http://allie jenny

    i think rob looks great. but i love the long locks better than the new but we all change our looks and he is human after all. also, about the book and the movie, the book was wonderful, the movie was good. but it was wonderful.

  • Anonymous

    hes sexy

  • Anonymous

    he is sooooooooooooooooooooo hot! he looks great no matter what :)

  • JoJo

    he is soooooo hot and i think he looks amazing no matter what even though he’s not photogenic :)

  • ur moma

    danm your ugly
    he is not fine any more
    why dont he just shave it off
    he is not hand some any more
    i wonder how bella takes it

  • Christynne

    first looks are not everything, but Robert is hot.Next it is his body to do with as he wants-he is still hot.Last it is just hair it will grow back in time for New Moon so EDWARD will be okay-he is still hot ,but there is more to him then just looks and you don’t have to know him to know that so get past the looks.Oh and if you don’t like his looks don’t bad mouth him just get over it you don’t know him if you don’t like his ways when he is being Robert and not someone in a movie don’t watch him.If you don’t like his acting don’t watch his movies.No need to bad mouth others if you know them or not.It just makes you the smaller person.Just to tell you something true.Good bye.

  • diana

    hola soy de argentina me encanto tu ultima peli!
    sensacional el personaje divino quede enamorada!!

  • Liza Jitanita

    El Eslomejor Que Hay LO Amo
    Es El Mejor Que Hay Rober Te Amo

  • http://www.yahoo.com lover girl

    robert is sooooooooo fine and i love him with all my heart.and i wanna merry him. and for all of oyu who hate robert you are just jealous because you know he looks better than all of you. and you want to be just like him. rob will always look hot what he wears or HOW HIS HAIR LOOKS LIKE.

  • http://Catherinefumble Catherine

    wow Rob is so sweet and so damn hot