Lindsay Lohan Continues Wearing Fur

Some people never learn their lesson. After being flour bombed by a Anti-Fur activist, Lindsay Lohan is still wearing fur.

Lohan was wearing her black fur garb at one of her favorite clubs when the activist pelted her with flour. Her girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, was livid after the incident. She made a public statement condemning PETA for attack Lindsay Lohan.

β€œIt’s a pity that some groups feel the need to assault people as opposed to fighting with words. Whenever I feel the need to vent about something that feels unfair to me I reach for my computer, I don’t run out of the house with abusive intentions. I don’t expect everyone to react the same way, but I do expect people to respect each other.”

Leave it to Samantha Ronson to go all Kanye West and vent with her MacBook Air.

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  • http://imustknow.net/ Answer Guru

    She’s waiting to get with a bag of animal blood and fat next time. Probably…

  • http://www.furisdead.com Lianne

    Lindsay doesn’t seem to understand that creatures have to die for her tacky disgusting fashion statement. No wardrobe is worth the suffering these animals go through. See http://www.furisdead.com to learn what Lindsay doesn’t get.

  • Sadie

    A true animal activists finds a way to make an ignorant person feel empathy with words and facts; sometimes activists go overboard, give PETA a bad image and it only hurts the animals who are suffering endlessly.

    All that needs to be done, is words: Lindsay, a fur spends it’s entire life in a cage, then a 12 inch long iron rod is inserted into the anus grinding up the insides of a muzzled animal.

    A sentence like this will get to anyone, no need for violence. It created hate. Now she’ll wear even more fur, still unaware of what is going on, just like J.Lo

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  • rose

    she deserved it..
    why people are so shallow?

  • Greg

    Good for her wearing REAL FUR!! I promise, if anyone did that to my wife they would find themselves on the ground in a lot of PAIN!!! I LOVE REAL FUR!!!!!