Simon Cowell Gives Terri Seymour $9 Million to Leave

The “American Idol” judge gave his now ex girlfriend, Terri Seymour just over $9 million BEFORE their breakup. The two dated for nearly 6 years and reps say the split was “amicable.”

Fishy. Simon Cowell gave her $4.6 million to buy a home in the Beverly Hills area and $5 million in cash to do whatever she wants with. Terri then broke up with Simon via the phone.

“Terri phoned Simon about six weeks ago and finished it,” his rep told Life & Style, referring to the breakup. “Simon thinks the world of Terri, and that isn’t going to change. He also understands her reason for ending it.”

The official reason for the end of their relationship is said to be the differences on marriage. Cowell has stated that he will never marry because he realizes that he is grouchy grampy, whereas Terri is read to marry and start a family.

We all know this is hush money. You know he and Ryan Seacrest have secret midnight raves in his basement. Ryan dresses up as the Indian from the Villiage People and Simon pretends to be Thurston Howell III and they dance around to the Mama Mia soundtrack.


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