Prince William Displays the Royal Peen

Some lucky paparazzo got the shots of his lifetime, when he happened to stumble upon the heir to the throne, Prince William, taking an outdoor piss during a break from Polo match.

And how lucky are we for his indiscretion? One thing that is clear, he has not been circumcised.

You can see Prince William holding his wang (NSFW), while peeing on a fence — after the jump!!

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  • http://www.getyourdishtv.com Ron Fini

    How is he not circumcised? I thought every person his age was!

  • BlackEssence

    …wrong in so many ways…but…not bad, could be worse…


    There are a lot of me who are not circumcised.

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  • Ryan

    Ron, most British boys of his generation are not circumcised.

  • Pippa

    Now we see why Kate Middelton is so willing to wait, … and wait… and wait… for the royal engagement ring… Nothing but the best for Waity Katie!

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  • Lynn

    More than 75% of the world’s men are not circumcised. Circumcision is not popular in Europe so there’s no reason for someone William’s age to be circumcised. Circumcision isn’t practiced as a medical procedure because it has no proven health benefits. That’s why proposals like the MGM bill (google it) have support. Even in the United States, circumcision rates have decreased to only 33%, meaning circumcised men are minority.

  • Paul

    Lynn, Check with the WHO to be more informed about the health benefits of male circumcision.