Madonna and A-Rod Together Photos

Madonna and Alex Rodriguez were spotted together in Miami. Rumors that A-Rod is abandoning his family for Madge seem to be true. He flew into Florida in the early hours of Tuesday morning with the 50 year old diva. She will be finishing off her final shows of her “Sticky and Sweet” tour this weekend.

However, yesterday evening Alex Rodriguez was photographed in a staged show of family unity. A source, who claims to be a close friend of the ball players wife, said that Cynthia was furious with his choice to spend time with Madonna over his own children. Now yet another “source” is stating that he will not be flying back to New York to be with his mistress.

“He always had every intention of spending the holiday with Cynthia, the family, and his two daughters. There was never any intention of him flying back. The allegations regarding this trip to New York [to be with Madonna] couldn’t be anything farther from the truth,” the source says.

Of course he isn’t flying back to New York. Madonna is in Miami for her show. But my question is…are the photos above of Madonna exiting the plane or Cynthia getting off? They are so fuzzy that it could be an Olsen twin for all we know.


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