Wired Music: Bjork Teams up with Thom Yorke

Bjork, everyone’s favorite crazy Icelandic singer, teamed up with Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke for a new single. Thom sings back up vocals on “Nattura,” which was recorded to help promote environmental awareness in Iceland.

According to text on the promo, the song “highlights a grass roots movement in Iceland to reclaim the country’s natural resources and wilderness from the hands of big business and pollution.”

“Nattura” is described as “more of a protest and rallying cry than a lecture,” and the aggressive drums and Björk’s piercing vocals certainly bear that out. The only other sound heard, practically, is what would seem to be Yorke’s voice, distinctive but certainly heavily processed as it floats in the background. It’s a pulse-quickening song that flies by in three and a half minutes.

Last week, London-based indie label One Little Indian confirmed they will release the single October 20.


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