More Miley Cyrus Boob Photos

I can’t keep track of just how many photos of Miley Cyrus are out there now. Like 835?

This photo supposedly went to her new boyfriend, underwear model Justin Gaston. If you recall this guy is king of the frat boys. When Miley isn’t running around in drag as her alter ego Hannah Montana, she is out pushing her little boy boobies together and sending naughty pics to her flavor of the month. What do you expect? Like she is really going to sit at home and play mahjong with her PePaw.


[Ocean Up]

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  • http://youtube.com/priincessaiisha Aisha

    What a slut!

  • http://bianca bianca

    loati adressa mea va rog frumossssssssssss frumossss bn si datimni si mie adressele voastre secrete
    pa va pup.

  • http://my.att.net debra

    I hate to say this, she is a child, but she acts like a tramp in training. I do not consider her a proper role model. Her parents are unfit, and allow her to do too much. She is dating and probably having sex with a 20 year old man. Do you really think all he wants is to hold hands? Billy Ray is a Media whore. And is daughter is becoming trampy. Sorry true.

  • http://picsofmileycyrussboobs breana

    ROT IN HELL/BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • michael

    Don’t listen to anyone else says you are not a slut and I think you are gorgeus

  • http://fart emily

    i think she should stop

  • http://fart emily

    i think she shoiuld stop

  • jake

    People just need to leave this girl alone. She’s not a slut because she’s taking some pictures of herself in her underwear. Most teenage girls are a lot worse than this. Let her live her life how ever she wants. She’s a very talented person and she is a gorgeous little girl

  • jake b

    i agree with jake above

  • brady

    nice boobs sexy i think your relly hot and i want to fuck you

  • s.c and ko’d

    Lookin a bit scary bit dat does shes a slut.She is a pretty girl and is very talented!Don’t heed any1 apart from the Jake dude!! Live your life on your own terms! Bub bye.xxxxxxxxxx.

  • http://allieiswired.com s.c and ko’d

    She looks a bit scary!!! n she aint a slut!! she is really pretty! she shudnt heed wat any1 says and shud live life on her own terms and she doesnt need people calling her a slut!!!xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jeffrey

    Omg niceboobs, want yeh in my bed, your hot, see you on the singing scene in bout 3-5 years!

  • Bill

    She may not be a whore and there are definitly a lot of girls worse than this. However when you become a celebrity at this age you have to be a role model. it doesn’t matter you are famous people will look up to you. One more thing, how the hell do people get these photos. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t post it in her public myspace account. The people who post these pics up are the ones we should be hating. Miley probably is not a whore at heart, no girl is. Just the environment they are brought up in. P.S. this is a long comment, but jake, don’t say gorgeous little girl that makes you sound like a creeper, Jeffery too, just stop no need to call yourself a pervert just stop

  • Anonymous


  • hrnyman

    she is nice

  • dude

    nice. but ur not a slut dont tear urself apart, live ur life like u want it to be

  • Anonymous

    have you guys not noticed that other teens do this kind of stuff too? people dont give a shiit cause they’re not famous. i dont think some people (paparazzis, retards ect…) are realizing that she’s still growing and her boobs are gonna get bigger. imagine how spazzy you guys are gonna get then.. huh? SHE’S A TEEN. LIKE ME AND EVRRYTHING OTHER GIRL OUT IN THE WORLD. SHES NOT A SLUT. everybody has to have taken some racy photos of themselves sometime in their life.

  • Kristoffer

    Leave Miley Alone,She Should Be Able To Take Photos Of Herself without being call Slut. And If You Think She`s A Slut Why Are You Looking At Her Like She Was A Toy, I Mean Shes A Human!!!!!!!!!!!

  • dm

    I hate her too but at least she has tits some celeberties dont

  • kris

    hey ya,ll thats just harsh, dont be harsh 2 her

  • Steph

    This photo isn’t bad. A lot of her pictures aren’t that bad. This is just like any other picture that any other teenage girl would take. It does look like she’s pushing them together and it is very…provocative, I suppose. But it’s not totally slutty.

    I don’t like Miley Cyrus and I do think that someday there will be nude shots of her just like there was with Vanessa Hudgens. But so far, nothing she has taken was all that bad. Except maybe one.

    I’m more disappointed that she lets them get leaked all over the internet. It’s one thing to take them. But try to keep them to yourself or whoever you sent it too. Not the whole world. That’s why so many people consider her a slut.

  • http://n/a ex fan

    she needs help…………what was she thinking…..shes now a filthy slut…….

  • wohoooo

    miley is sexy let me sex her

  • Rick

    DUMB — This is NOT Miley Cyrus.

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  • http://allieiswired Earl

    Who ever is reading this message get over it the beautiful girl can dress how ever she wants i like seeing a girl not being shy to wear something sexy.

  • http://micerosoft taylor

    hi can you show more pictures of your boobes

  • http://dfgfsdgfdg anomous

    she is hot

  • rajat

    she is hottest

  • Rodger

    Wow… All the comments saying she’s a slut and shouldn’t be dressing like that are from girls… I think y’all are just jealous. She’s beautiful, and a teenager. As a matter of fact, so am I. Mileys not innapropriate. Most are worse. Keep up the good stuff miley. and have fun!

  • Matt Winzinger

    You people are crazy! Miley keep bringing it. i love jerking off to your nice plump teen tits.

  • someone

    she just adding them to myspace

  • http://mohnishjangid108@yahoo.com mohnish


  • omg

    I saw this girl naked
    She’s only 16 and alot of young girls look up
    To her.. My little cousin is 6 and she loves
    This girl but she cried when they talked bad
    About her on tv.
    And she’s pregnant!!!
    Breaking news!!!

  • thomas

    shut your damn mouth

  • http://Website Name

    u rock miley cyrus
    ur awesome

  • http://Website lalla

    sherocks and i heard she is having a boob job

  • http://Website caitlyn

    Weird very weird

  • http://Website Name

    shes not a slut you think she is but shes not so back off its her choice to do this

  • http://Website marissa

    What is wrong with you, you have so many romodles like me it makes me sad

  • http://Website Name

    i don’t know why people say u guys a slut when vannessa hudgens is a slut.

  • http://Website Rigid

    so she has it, and she cant help but flaunt it. you know she’s going to be wild in the sack.

  • http://Website krystal

    to all of u that are stikin up for her u must not get it i use to like her a lot before i saw what she had done i mean she has 5 yaer olds lookin up to her and she taght a littel girl how to pole dance that leves a real good imprestion not so dont get me wrong she is realy atrative but what she is doin to her self is horibel

  • smiley

    miley is a very wonderful pop singer

  • http://Website someone

    hey miley u r doing just fine. but you have 5 year olds looking up to you. they all love you. so try to be good and don’t act all like that.

  • http://miley-cyrus-boobs.com/ Miley Cyrus

    Isn’t she just doing what every teenage girl who likes her own body would do?

  • http://Website Nametita

    real nude